Monday, April 27, 2015

Tiddly Winks.

Fuck it's been a busy month! So many people came into town, so many shows and events happening and it's still going strong. This week Aline Crumb came back to NYC with her friend from France to show him around. We went to Csquat where Aline tagged the wall and just walked around the LES and east village as her friend has never seen that area before. He was shocked when he was told at Cafe Pick Me Up he could not smoke outside. When he went to smoke a few feet away he was told he could not bring his drink or chair so he sat on a bucket and looked like he was panhandling. France is not like the new NYC that's for sure! You just do whatever you want there pretty much especially when it comes to smoking and drinking. Took some pics of random weird stuff to post up...
This week I work on French as I have two classes worth it to take that class! I could actually understand enough french now to know what Aline and her friend were saying to each other and even join in with a sentence or two. That felt great!
John and I will be making our Save NYC video for Vanishing NY's website and Jeremiah's campaign.
Some exciting stuff coming up for us and the band soon...John's book looks like it found a publisher and they want to include 4 cd's in it...of our music, Crumb's music and lots of 78's from both of their collections. It's going to be a doozy and GREAT publicity for us!
AnyWawaHut, here's some SHTUFF from the past week...Aline's drawing at C, Dave vending on Ave A with some "SHiT" for sale...I already got John twice with that fake poop.

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