Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yackety Yack

Okay Doke! Lots of pics here because as usual I am behind in STUFF because I have been crazy busy going out and doing STUFF! Last week was the LES Festival of the Arts and I hit the Theater for the New City to see my friend Erin spin fire with the band Ondyne's Demise..I was reading the Villager yesterday and saw they did a write up of this event and mentioned Erin the Red...great! Also there was my love James Rado who co-wrote the musical Hair which I adore. That whole night was fun and I think I knew almost everyone there from the hood....So those top pics are Jim Rado and then Erin...
Below those are another show which was the next day in Tompkins..huge punk show that Chris Flash and Zoe Henson put together and the bands were great and all these little kids came over to dance around with us...Reverend Jen, Our Lady of the Elf Ears was there wearing a wolf mask and filming bits of her new film..I was in one scene being attacked and rolling around on the ground screaming...Heh..
There are also two pretty bad pics of Jared Leto who has been riding his bike with friends around the hood all week showing off his bright green Joker hair...I think I saw him about four times within as many days. STOP STALKING ME JARED LETO I GOT NO TIME FOR YOU!
Yesterday was so fun...I hit Washington Square Park to watch some friends paint kids faces and build a giant tardis out of blue balloons...Alec Baldwin came by with his wife and adorable kid and sat with us for a bit as his daughter got painted..I think they were all just relieved none of us made a big deal of them being there or bugged them at all. Just hung out and had fun with his kid.
Heading out to prospect park now for a birthday picnic/party...the fun never ends in the spring when it's this beautiful out.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Love my hood in the summer!

Here's a few late pics from the annual Dance Parade in Tompkins last week...Matthew Silver in action! I love that guy! I don't know why there was a giant frog there along with other assorted huge animals but I love the dance parade. I think I danced for two hours with everyone...from a 3 year old with a hula hoop to a circle of senior citizens getting down to disco. And as soon as it hit 7pm it began to rain so the timing was perfect to hit Csquat for the show that night.
Then the lotto store on Avenue A got tagged and no one has painted over it. So it's officially the Cool 666 store now and I do all my shopping in there.
I love that painted piece of plywood that was up the block...and I never noticed that the Mosaic Man was putting up personalized tiles on the lamppost he has been working on for the past month at the park entrance. Pretty cool!
Nothing beats my hood for fun stuff to do once the weather gets this nice. Tonight I will hit the Theater for the New City for the Lower East Side festival of the friend is spinning fire while her friends band plays...then tomorrow is Zoe Hanson's big punk show in the park along with the big festival on Avenue C with food and rides for kids.
I think John finds out about his book deal this week too...huge coffee table book with old pics of bands along with CDs of our music and more included inside. I am so excited for this project!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm just a simple girl with a private jet.

Hello friend-o's! I posted a toilet selfie because those are the only good selfies really. I am at my most happy and relaxed in them. And at my most productive too! 
Below that are some pics that are dark and crappy but iPhone in a basement never comes out great. Those are from the show Eak hosted at Csquat last weekend. Large group of diverse performers... from sideshow freaks who hung cans of beer off hooks in their eyeballs, to poets and then some music. My friend Angel Eyedealism is wearing the light up hat and did her song "Shut the fuck up" which was a smash hit.
I got an excited Augustus puppy pic as he leaps for the leaves in the Tompkins dog run. I love hanging out in there with all my pals who have dogs. It's usually the most fun spot in the park. Though this Sunday there will be a pretty fun show going on I will hit up. In two months I head to Europe for the summer so it's time to go to every single event going on in the city. Comedy shows, marches, bands...there is stuff almost every night right now. 
I don't know what was happening at Astor Place when I took the bottom pic and video. There were stools set up and people drawing and these weird rotating chairs that everyone was spinning around in. 
Sometimes it's just better not to know what's happening. 
I still have pics from the Dance Parade and other stuff but I have begun working on music again and reviewing the french I learned from the first lesson on so i've been busy...and of course I just can't be indoors when it's nice out. How do people stay in all day watching TV? I did it last week for a day and it was so depressing and awful. 
But this little chilly spell today is good as I am getting shit done...before I run over to Sidewalk for my friend John Murdock's new monthly show. Someone I know has a show at that place almost every night at this point and it's great. Free, a block away and I am on Avenue A a dozen times a day anyway and I know half the people that work there. It could not be any easier for me to stop in there. IT ALL JUST WORKS OUT GREAT JUST GREAT! 
Sorry, I am hyper because playing music makes me hyper in the afternoon!
Did I mention I won the lawsuit I have had going on since last January? Never thought I would sue anyone but hey...four stitches in the ER was not fun. 
Well, there were some humorous moments in it actually..and some funny stuff between my lawyer and I too...but they just wanted to settle. No deposition, no court. Yippie! I am basically paying for most of our trip this summer and I love that!

Monday, May 18, 2015

You talkin' to me?

Oh what a birthday week it was! Well, in terms of getting wasted I actually didn't go too crazy...have too much to do to be hungover for days and days...but last week and this past weekend were full of shows and events and in between I got showered with gifts from John, saw some friends and the weather was so great it was just a great week to celebrate one more year upon this earth...before I head to Mars! Really grateful for having some of the best people around me and to have rid myself of all the crazies I used to take on out of pity. John and I had a toast to my almost 3 years now with no new crazies leeching off me with some fancy drinks at the Palms restaurant on Thursday which was my actual birthday. Ahh...I get so much done now and can really concentrate on writing, music and studying when I have zero drama and stress going on.
I took a few pics at the Dance Parade, one of the most fun events in the park and some at another show that Eak the sideshow Geek put on at Csquat...but I will post these first.
Some shrooms that are on east 5th st...I took them all and saw a giant tortoise an hour later...which was from Social Tees of course. I call him bitey.
Then Dave on Avenue A is still trying to sell fake poop...instead of's beauty. Needless to say no one bought any. Except for me of course. Oh, did I get John with that stuff...He thought the cats shit on the bath mat again until I picked it up and pretended to eat it. OH THE LAUGHTER!
Then I ran into a punk show in Tompkins...and ended up at Csquat for a wonderful Latin show and I helped work the door with little ten year old kids. They were hard asses!
Packed crowd with neighborhood people coming in and out and everyone dancing to drums and salsa. It was really something else!
We even got a T-Berry sighting at midnight! Who can ask for a better birthday?
I got some hilarious gifts too...i don't care much about my getting older day but how nice when gifts and cards roll in...and like 400 fb posts...
Fun week coming up...lots more to post. John spoke to Crumb when he was in SF and got the last detail covered for his 3 cd/album release of his 78's...and after that our double podcast album comes out in september..followed by John's book which he and robert will work on over the summer...and then our new album early next year. Holy Crap! CANNOT WAIT TO DRIVE EVERYONE NUTS WITH PROMOTION!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yo Mama.

I LOVE this 85 degree weather going on! Fuck spring, I want it to be 100 out. Had a really good, busy week. Finished my French 101 class with A's...and I will keep on going over stuff before i go to France in July and studying. Feels weird not having assignments or homework to do for next week...I always did like school. The amount I learned this semester is awesome. I really threw myself into it and when Aline was in NYC she was impressed by how much better I can speak and understand now in comparison to the last time I was in France. Yay!
John told me he thinks that as soon as the weather gets warm they kick everyone out of the hospitals and mental wards here and he seems to be correct. The park is chock full of real nutters lately and Ive seen about a dozen fights in the last week alone. But I long for some NYC craziness before taking off for Europe and looks like I am getting it!
Here are some pics of stuff. Some more stuff, and then other stuff. That third pic down is some saint being canonized anniversary  celebration...and under that it's HOTDOG! Marlene was back in the park drinking for a few days. It's good to see her but better she stays sober and not in the park really. Then a bored cat meets a big dog in Tompkins, some ponchos thrown way up in a tree, and the defaced catcalling sign on St Marks...
This is sort of my birthday week and since John has zero days off this month we are hanging out and getting fancy sushi and seeing a movie...I have no real party plans...there is a show at Csquat on the 16th and I will see lots of friends there and that will be my birthday party sort of. Ive barely been drinking this spring though I did last night and have no desire to plan a huge party when there are shows and fun things going on almost every night here now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

MayDay and Show at Csquat. IT IS FUCKING SPRING FINALLY.

Finally! It's warm out every day and I don't need 10 layers! It got so warm now you almost don't need a jacket outside at night already. Yay!
So many events going on already..this was the first Mayday I skipped. Did not hit Union Square or go on any marches. I go to so many and it was Aline Crumb's last day in NYC...I went on the Baltimore Solidarity March a few nights before and the cops were NUTS. They handed out the flyer below to everyone at Union Square and said everyone has been warned so people who are on the sidewalk and street are subject to arrest. The vibe was scary and fucked up. The cops just came in swinging and arrested random people crossing the street, people leaving the park, and people who just happened to be walking by who were not part of the march. I leave for Europe in July and I do NOT want to spend all summer going to court for some arrest charge that is BS. I was careful and stayed in the middle of the crowd. There were more cops that protesters there. Yeesh.
On Mayday I woke up to a rally in front of the 9th precinct so I snapped a pic from my fire escape. I also had the great pleasure of running into the DocumenTree on the way to union square and i got a great pic with him...and I saw a fun show at Csquat last night. On the way back I stopped into Ray's with a friend to say hi and LO AND BEHOLD! He had an older woman working there who told me she had also worked there 35 years ago! I think Ray has finally met his new wife! I am have been wife number 9 for about 5 years now...
And it is now almost 80 degrees out so goodbye internet...heading out into the sun.