Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm just a simple girl with a private jet.

Hello friend-o's! I posted a toilet selfie because those are the only good selfies really. I am at my most happy and relaxed in them. And at my most productive too! 
Below that are some pics that are dark and crappy but iPhone in a basement never comes out great. Those are from the show Eak hosted at Csquat last weekend. Large group of diverse performers... from sideshow freaks who hung cans of beer off hooks in their eyeballs, to poets and then some music. My friend Angel Eyedealism is wearing the light up hat and did her song "Shut the fuck up" which was a smash hit.
I got an excited Augustus puppy pic as he leaps for the leaves in the Tompkins dog run. I love hanging out in there with all my pals who have dogs. It's usually the most fun spot in the park. Though this Sunday there will be a pretty fun show going on I will hit up. In two months I head to Europe for the summer so it's time to go to every single event going on in the city. Comedy shows, marches, bands...there is stuff almost every night right now. 
I don't know what was happening at Astor Place when I took the bottom pic and video. There were stools set up and people drawing and these weird rotating chairs that everyone was spinning around in. 
Sometimes it's just better not to know what's happening. 
I still have pics from the Dance Parade and other stuff but I have begun working on music again and reviewing the french I learned from the first lesson on so i've been busy...and of course I just can't be indoors when it's nice out. How do people stay in all day watching TV? I did it last week for a day and it was so depressing and awful. 
But this little chilly spell today is good as I am getting shit done...before I run over to Sidewalk for my friend John Murdock's new monthly show. Someone I know has a show at that place almost every night at this point and it's great. Free, a block away and I am on Avenue A a dozen times a day anyway and I know half the people that work there. It could not be any easier for me to stop in there. IT ALL JUST WORKS OUT GREAT JUST GREAT! 
Sorry, I am hyper because playing music makes me hyper in the afternoon!
Did I mention I won the lawsuit I have had going on since last January? Never thought I would sue anyone but hey...four stitches in the ER was not fun. 
Well, there were some humorous moments in it actually..and some funny stuff between my lawyer and I too...but they just wanted to settle. No deposition, no court. Yippie! I am basically paying for most of our trip this summer and I love that!

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