Saturday, May 23, 2015

Love my hood in the summer!

Here's a few late pics from the annual Dance Parade in Tompkins last week...Matthew Silver in action! I love that guy! I don't know why there was a giant frog there along with other assorted huge animals but I love the dance parade. I think I danced for two hours with everyone...from a 3 year old with a hula hoop to a circle of senior citizens getting down to disco. And as soon as it hit 7pm it began to rain so the timing was perfect to hit Csquat for the show that night.
Then the lotto store on Avenue A got tagged and no one has painted over it. So it's officially the Cool 666 store now and I do all my shopping in there.
I love that painted piece of plywood that was up the block...and I never noticed that the Mosaic Man was putting up personalized tiles on the lamppost he has been working on for the past month at the park entrance. Pretty cool!
Nothing beats my hood for fun stuff to do once the weather gets this nice. Tonight I will hit the Theater for the New City for the Lower East Side festival of the friend is spinning fire while her friends band plays...then tomorrow is Zoe Hanson's big punk show in the park along with the big festival on Avenue C with food and rides for kids.
I think John finds out about his book deal this week too...huge coffee table book with old pics of bands along with CDs of our music and more included inside. I am so excited for this project!

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