Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yackety Yack

Okay Doke! Lots of pics here because as usual I am behind in STUFF because I have been crazy busy going out and doing STUFF! Last week was the LES Festival of the Arts and I hit the Theater for the New City to see my friend Erin spin fire with the band Ondyne's Demise..I was reading the Villager yesterday and saw they did a write up of this event and mentioned Erin the Red...great! Also there was my love James Rado who co-wrote the musical Hair which I adore. That whole night was fun and I think I knew almost everyone there from the hood....So those top pics are Jim Rado and then Erin...
Below those are another show which was the next day in Tompkins..huge punk show that Chris Flash and Zoe Henson put together and the bands were great and all these little kids came over to dance around with us...Reverend Jen, Our Lady of the Elf Ears was there wearing a wolf mask and filming bits of her new film..I was in one scene being attacked and rolling around on the ground screaming...Heh..
There are also two pretty bad pics of Jared Leto who has been riding his bike with friends around the hood all week showing off his bright green Joker hair...I think I saw him about four times within as many days. STOP STALKING ME JARED LETO I GOT NO TIME FOR YOU!
Yesterday was so fun...I hit Washington Square Park to watch some friends paint kids faces and build a giant tardis out of blue balloons...Alec Baldwin came by with his wife and adorable kid and sat with us for a bit as his daughter got painted..I think they were all just relieved none of us made a big deal of them being there or bugged them at all. Just hung out and had fun with his kid.
Heading out to prospect park now for a birthday picnic/party...the fun never ends in the spring when it's this beautiful out.

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