Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yo Mama.

I LOVE this 85 degree weather going on! Fuck spring, I want it to be 100 out. Had a really good, busy week. Finished my French 101 class with A's...and I will keep on going over stuff before i go to France in July and studying. Feels weird not having assignments or homework to do for next week...I always did like school. The amount I learned this semester is awesome. I really threw myself into it and when Aline was in NYC she was impressed by how much better I can speak and understand now in comparison to the last time I was in France. Yay!
John told me he thinks that as soon as the weather gets warm they kick everyone out of the hospitals and mental wards here and he seems to be correct. The park is chock full of real nutters lately and Ive seen about a dozen fights in the last week alone. But I long for some NYC craziness before taking off for Europe and looks like I am getting it!
Here are some pics of stuff. Some more stuff, and then other stuff. That third pic down is some saint being canonized anniversary  celebration...and under that it's HOTDOG! Marlene was back in the park drinking for a few days. It's good to see her but better she stays sober and not in the park really. Then a bored cat meets a big dog in Tompkins, some ponchos thrown way up in a tree, and the defaced catcalling sign on St Marks...
This is sort of my birthday week and since John has zero days off this month we are hanging out and getting fancy sushi and seeing a movie...I have no real party plans...there is a show at Csquat on the 16th and I will see lots of friends there and that will be my birthday party sort of. Ive barely been drinking this spring though I did last night and have no desire to plan a huge party when there are shows and fun things going on almost every night here now.

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