Monday, May 18, 2015

You talkin' to me?

Oh what a birthday week it was! Well, in terms of getting wasted I actually didn't go too crazy...have too much to do to be hungover for days and days...but last week and this past weekend were full of shows and events and in between I got showered with gifts from John, saw some friends and the weather was so great it was just a great week to celebrate one more year upon this earth...before I head to Mars! Really grateful for having some of the best people around me and to have rid myself of all the crazies I used to take on out of pity. John and I had a toast to my almost 3 years now with no new crazies leeching off me with some fancy drinks at the Palms restaurant on Thursday which was my actual birthday. Ahh...I get so much done now and can really concentrate on writing, music and studying when I have zero drama and stress going on.
I took a few pics at the Dance Parade, one of the most fun events in the park and some at another show that Eak the sideshow Geek put on at Csquat...but I will post these first.
Some shrooms that are on east 5th st...I took them all and saw a giant tortoise an hour later...which was from Social Tees of course. I call him bitey.
Then Dave on Avenue A is still trying to sell fake poop...instead of's beauty. Needless to say no one bought any. Except for me of course. Oh, did I get John with that stuff...He thought the cats shit on the bath mat again until I picked it up and pretended to eat it. OH THE LAUGHTER!
Then I ran into a punk show in Tompkins...and ended up at Csquat for a wonderful Latin show and I helped work the door with little ten year old kids. They were hard asses!
Packed crowd with neighborhood people coming in and out and everyone dancing to drums and salsa. It was really something else!
We even got a T-Berry sighting at midnight! Who can ask for a better birthday?
I got some hilarious gifts too...i don't care much about my getting older day but how nice when gifts and cards roll in...and like 400 fb posts...
Fun week coming up...lots more to post. John spoke to Crumb when he was in SF and got the last detail covered for his 3 cd/album release of his 78's...and after that our double podcast album comes out in september..followed by John's book which he and robert will work on over the summer...and then our new album early next year. Holy Crap! CANNOT WAIT TO DRIVE EVERYONE NUTS WITH PROMOTION!

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