Sunday, June 28, 2015

Annual Drag March from Tompkins to Stonewall Inn

Every year there is a fun as fuck drag march that starts in Tompkins Square Park and goes up 9th st to the Stonewall's not sponsored by StarFucks™, there are no corporate logos like the big parade today...just crazy costumes and fun people marching and chanting and having a blast. It's one of my favorite events so here are a buttload of pics from much to do the next few weeks to get ready for my trip...a huge spring cleaning is needed, some docs appts, lots of list making and finally packing...going away for a month and a half means I have to bring ANYTHING I think i may need as there is nothing much in Sauve...the tiny medieval village I will be going's exciting to be getting ready and it's in the upper 90's in Sauve every day now...I am going to be tan tan TAN!
Anyderp, here are some fun pics! Erin and I had no real consumes so we just took our tops off. Always a win!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Such great news in the news lately which is always nice! Quick post to empty out my desktop pics then tonight at 7pm in Tompkins is my favorite event-the Drag March! We march over to the Stonewall Inn from the park and it is NOT going to rain and I can't wait! Will take tons of pics of course!

Here we see a can of beer within the infamous rat holes in the tompkins grass...guess they are celebrating the SCOTUS decision! A fucked up Do Not Fuck this Up sticker...DR SPACEMAN resides on east 7th st..the truly awful Ricky's attempt at taking part in Gay Pride week...who the HELL would buy that crap? BAD IDEA RICKY'S! They already ruined halloween but I really doubt that GAY KIT will be a hit.
Then we have my friends show at Sidewalk last week..complete with face painting and Dave getting on stage with a stripper and dancing with us. Also, that IS a giant vagina balloon in case you were wondering!
More stuff later...gotta work out, practice, then get ready for the Drag march later!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three weeks until France and the UK!

I don't even know where to start with all the pics I have taken and events and stuff I have gone too...I have maybe 200 pics on my computer and in my phone so I am just going to throw them all up here before I leave for Europe for the summer...Speaking of summer don't YOU want to send your kids to SUMMERCAMP in tompkins square park right where the rat holes are? I KNOW I DO!
Then we have a box of MACE...the typewriter project in Tompkins which is just a typewriter from the 70's which you type on while they explain what an ink ribbon is. I am old I guess...then amongst the many shows and stuff that happened there was a half naked bike dance party running around from park to park...a pic of Bailey and I at Csquat..she fell off a building last year and get wedged in and was rescued and she is okay!
Then my friend Shawn pointed out to me the most relaxed squirrel ever sitting in a tree in the park eating a nut. And this sign about a GAS FREE ZONE at Le Village assuring people they won't explode if you eat in their restaurant.
Much more to come soon...the Drag Parade is this friday if there is no rain,,,my favorite event!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Four or five events going on every day now and 90 degrees I am full on back to practically living outside now...I go out at 1 and come home when the sun comes up...gotta get my fill of NYC before I leave! I have so many pics all in no real order so as usual I will just post them all up...took about 20 more today and the only reason I am blogging now in this gorgeous weather is that I am waiting to watch the Game of Thrones finale at 9. Will Lady Stoneheart make an appearance? Will Jon Snow get killed off? Will Dany win against the her husbands old buddies? YEAH I READ THE DAMN BOOKS CAUSE I AM A NERD AND I JUST SPOILED IT ALL FOR YOU!
AnyYap, that weird copper thing that appeared on St Marks last month has some clothes on now...the Rent is Too Damn High guy's car is back in the hood...that is my friend Gedas in the skull makeup...we had a show at Csquat and someone was painting faces...the Santa thing is now dangling in a tree by the dog sure moves around a lot...
And it was just Nicholas Figueroa's 24th birthday and his family had a party for him in front of the 2nd avenue memorial site...with cake and drinks and balloons...very sad. That sign blaming greed for the tragedy has been up there for a while now.
I got pics from shows in the park, the bubble fight at Union Square yesterday, a half naked bike ride going so much...but it's beautiful out and I gotta run to meet another friend...Ah summer in NYC I love ya...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just posting some stuff I've been meaning to post so here I am...posting it. Ain't life grand?
Lots of big stuff in the works this releases and a own writings are coming along well...think I found my voice and it's a funny, crazy one that is for sure...Write what you know is a definite truth and great advice. I am home somewhat early for a Saturday only because there is a show in Tompkins tomorrow at 2pm followed by a show at Csquat at I have a long fun day ahead...most of my days are long and fun lately which makes for a VERY HYPER AND HAPPY MOI!
That top pic is some fan art....I love having fans. I get at least two nice emails a day..not to mention all the thousands of views of our stuff on youtube and the comments our fb fan page has over 1300 likes now...and I barely promote or post really. So nice! We are offered gigs at least once every week but John is working non-stop until we leave including the Tony Awards tomorrow for 20 hours.
The pic below that is the movie trailer for Half Shell which was filming in Coal Yard Bar last favorite dive bar! Then we have some weird as shit cat sculpture, some very SEXY yoga going on in Washington Square Park, and a strung up Minnie Mouse on my block.
Manny is back on Avenue A and 3rd st...lots of donations came his way after his wares were dumped and I have so much stuff to give him next week...old vintage hats and much more..doing a big spring cleaning before Europe in six weeks!
The storm did the tree in on St Marks and 1st Avenue a few days glad it's going to be in the 80's again in a few days and sunny!
My friend Holly took that pic of the unicorn playing accordion in heels on Rivington it!
And then some meanie won't tell someone where there phone is...I NOT TELLID! Heh!