Sunday, June 28, 2015

Annual Drag March from Tompkins to Stonewall Inn

Every year there is a fun as fuck drag march that starts in Tompkins Square Park and goes up 9th st to the Stonewall's not sponsored by StarFucks™, there are no corporate logos like the big parade today...just crazy costumes and fun people marching and chanting and having a blast. It's one of my favorite events so here are a buttload of pics from much to do the next few weeks to get ready for my trip...a huge spring cleaning is needed, some docs appts, lots of list making and finally packing...going away for a month and a half means I have to bring ANYTHING I think i may need as there is nothing much in Sauve...the tiny medieval village I will be going's exciting to be getting ready and it's in the upper 90's in Sauve every day now...I am going to be tan tan TAN!
Anyderp, here are some fun pics! Erin and I had no real consumes so we just took our tops off. Always a win!

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