Monday, June 1, 2015

Balloon sculptures, art and face and body paint! YOU LOVE IT!

Hello hello! These pics were taken this past weekend in Washington Square Park where two friends of mine have begun setting up their art several times a week now! John Murdock, balloon man extraordinaire, and his partner Took Edalow have about every fun thing you can do in the park covered. Murdock built a GIANT tardis out of blue balloons in between making balloon animals and other fun stuff for kids in the park...while Took was offering body and face paint along with selling some of her paintings and jewelry. Kids walking by were in heaven and wanted it all...even Alec Baldwin who was wandering with his family stopped by so his adorable daughter could get some stars and stuff painted on her and hung out for a bit. Super nice guy not to mention a great tipper!
This was a nice change for me from Tompkins Square Park and these two will be out there all summer doing this(weather permitting)...the fourth pic down was taken by Murdock as I left before he was finished with the tardis but WOW LOOK AT IT!
I am planning to purchase one of Took's paintings next week and here is the link to their blog...they also have a Facebook page if you dabble in the dark world of facebooking...

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