Friday, June 26, 2015


Such great news in the news lately which is always nice! Quick post to empty out my desktop pics then tonight at 7pm in Tompkins is my favorite event-the Drag March! We march over to the Stonewall Inn from the park and it is NOT going to rain and I can't wait! Will take tons of pics of course!

Here we see a can of beer within the infamous rat holes in the tompkins grass...guess they are celebrating the SCOTUS decision! A fucked up Do Not Fuck this Up sticker...DR SPACEMAN resides on east 7th st..the truly awful Ricky's attempt at taking part in Gay Pride week...who the HELL would buy that crap? BAD IDEA RICKY'S! They already ruined halloween but I really doubt that GAY KIT will be a hit.
Then we have my friends show at Sidewalk last week..complete with face painting and Dave getting on stage with a stripper and dancing with us. Also, that IS a giant vagina balloon in case you were wondering!
More stuff later...gotta work out, practice, then get ready for the Drag march later!

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