Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just posting some stuff I've been meaning to post so here I am...posting it. Ain't life grand?
Lots of big stuff in the works this releases and a own writings are coming along well...think I found my voice and it's a funny, crazy one that is for sure...Write what you know is a definite truth and great advice. I am home somewhat early for a Saturday only because there is a show in Tompkins tomorrow at 2pm followed by a show at Csquat at I have a long fun day ahead...most of my days are long and fun lately which makes for a VERY HYPER AND HAPPY MOI!
That top pic is some fan art....I love having fans. I get at least two nice emails a day..not to mention all the thousands of views of our stuff on youtube and the comments our fb fan page has over 1300 likes now...and I barely promote or post really. So nice! We are offered gigs at least once every week but John is working non-stop until we leave including the Tony Awards tomorrow for 20 hours.
The pic below that is the movie trailer for Half Shell which was filming in Coal Yard Bar last favorite dive bar! Then we have some weird as shit cat sculpture, some very SEXY yoga going on in Washington Square Park, and a strung up Minnie Mouse on my block.
Manny is back on Avenue A and 3rd st...lots of donations came his way after his wares were dumped and I have so much stuff to give him next week...old vintage hats and much more..doing a big spring cleaning before Europe in six weeks!
The storm did the tree in on St Marks and 1st Avenue a few days glad it's going to be in the 80's again in a few days and sunny!
My friend Holly took that pic of the unicorn playing accordion in heels on Rivington it!
And then some meanie won't tell someone where there phone is...I NOT TELLID! Heh!

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