Sunday, June 14, 2015


Four or five events going on every day now and 90 degrees I am full on back to practically living outside now...I go out at 1 and come home when the sun comes up...gotta get my fill of NYC before I leave! I have so many pics all in no real order so as usual I will just post them all up...took about 20 more today and the only reason I am blogging now in this gorgeous weather is that I am waiting to watch the Game of Thrones finale at 9. Will Lady Stoneheart make an appearance? Will Jon Snow get killed off? Will Dany win against the her husbands old buddies? YEAH I READ THE DAMN BOOKS CAUSE I AM A NERD AND I JUST SPOILED IT ALL FOR YOU!
AnyYap, that weird copper thing that appeared on St Marks last month has some clothes on now...the Rent is Too Damn High guy's car is back in the hood...that is my friend Gedas in the skull makeup...we had a show at Csquat and someone was painting faces...the Santa thing is now dangling in a tree by the dog sure moves around a lot...
And it was just Nicholas Figueroa's 24th birthday and his family had a party for him in front of the 2nd avenue memorial site...with cake and drinks and balloons...very sad. That sign blaming greed for the tragedy has been up there for a while now.
I got pics from shows in the park, the bubble fight at Union Square yesterday, a half naked bike ride going so much...but it's beautiful out and I gotta run to meet another friend...Ah summer in NYC I love ya...

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