Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three weeks until France and the UK!

I don't even know where to start with all the pics I have taken and events and stuff I have gone too...I have maybe 200 pics on my computer and in my phone so I am just going to throw them all up here before I leave for Europe for the summer...Speaking of summer don't YOU want to send your kids to SUMMERCAMP in tompkins square park right where the rat holes are? I KNOW I DO!
Then we have a box of MACE...the typewriter project in Tompkins which is just a typewriter from the 70's which you type on while they explain what an ink ribbon is. I am old I guess...then amongst the many shows and stuff that happened there was a half naked bike dance party running around from park to park...a pic of Bailey and I at Csquat..she fell off a building last year and get wedged in and was rescued and she is okay!
Then my friend Shawn pointed out to me the most relaxed squirrel ever sitting in a tree in the park eating a nut. And this sign about a GAS FREE ZONE at Le Village assuring people they won't explode if you eat in their restaurant.
Much more to come soon...the Drag Parade is this friday if there is no rain,,,my favorite event!

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  1. I've been hoping that someone would do a "Mace In A Box" parody of "Dick In A Box" SNL tune/video.......but go all-female-attitude, like an "answer song". :+)