Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sauve! South of France! Summer! Whee!

Well here I am blogging in the south of France! been here one full week now and yes it is as beautiful and fun as it looks! Sophie had a baby boy while we were here...We have gone to La Plage twice, waterfalls once, had many great meals and have practiced for some gigs coming up and more!
So here are various shots from the Crumb's terrace, the Vis river, the Mer de Rochers, the Crumbs garden paradise...there are like hundreds of cats here now roaming around the place...I have lost about albs and I am tan as fuck. Can I ask for anything more?
Tonight we hang with Ken Weaver of Fugs fame(I named this blog after a song he wrote), then during  the week there are all kinds of friends coming to Sauve to see Sophie and to hang...some podcasts will be coming soon too! Gig at the Crumb Galerie on Aout Huit!
Don't have time to write NOT miss NYC at all yet and so happy right now!

Friday, July 17, 2015

WitchFest! and more! Plus, I leave for France tomorrow!

My last post from NYC! We leave tomorrow for the south of France yay yay yay!
And i wanted a sandwich last night but did not have the heart to wake the guy up as he was so comfy on the slicer...
I went to the Astor Place Pagan Street Faire..WitchFest USA! It was hilarious...bands played, girls belly danced, spells were cast, fortunes read...lots of sage and blessed be!
Then one of my many Dave pics...can't resist those shirts...and look how nice my new hair is in the bottom pic! I never get to see the back of my head!
We hit south of France and I get to be there when Sophie Crumb has her baby...we record a new album with Robert...I will do some podcasts with them...practice my french...then off to Liverpool to see friends and play a gig and buy EVERY BEATLES THING EVER MADE.
Then ferry to Dublin for the Luke fest we had such a greta time at last year! I cannot wait to leave! Been such a fun spring and summer but I am excited about traveling again...I come back feeling inspired and a little changed every time I spend this much time outside of the US of A.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I, for one, welcome our reptilian overlords.

 Pics are not in order I guess...AHHH! I leave for the summer in one week now and I gots no time for this! Been getting a lot done but I still panic about buying everything I need when i am in france..including enough books to read as they won't have any ones in english at all. I love buying books though and i tend to go overboard. Then again I read a lot so who knows.
AnyFap, there are three pics in there of the guy who is collecting people's stories in Washington Square can read them as he hangs them up there...kinda funny.
Then we have Baby in a Bag! I love the 99cent store so much. And Grace's borscht is back! IT IS BACK PEOPLE!
That awesome movie poster is my friend Martine's first feature length film which starts shooting in the fall. I am so proud of her. She made a short funny film called El Evictor at Csquat many years ago that is a classic now within the building and she has come a long way since then...When i look at that poster I get all teared up. Martine is one of my best friends and though we only see each other on Skype now when this film makes the festival rounds I hope she comes to NYC.
So nice to have friends that are doing great things out in the world..very inspiring to me!
They are showing Dog Day Afternoon in Tompkins tonight if the rain holds off...either way it's cool. If it rains I will work on the songs I need to and start getting ready to pack.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of derp da derp derp derp!

Lots of stuff going on and I leave in less than two weeks now for the summer! The village I go to in France is about 100 degrees every single day right now and I am so looking forward to that and the waterfalls and beach! My favorite weather!
So this will be one of my last posts from the rotten apple...thing are good here but I am longing to travel...see new gigs...If only i could stop running to the bathroom like a woman! See how mean and sexist my spam is to me?! Sob...
Those creepy good humor men are all over the city now...All I can think of is that horror film Ice Cream Man with Ron Howard's lesser known weird brother...The I saw half of a hot stud cowboy on east 9th st...nice boots!
I hit a pretty intense pro-choice rally in Union Square...complete with fake bloody pants and wire hangers..saw some Warhol soup can graffiti all over...and the bottom two pics are at Matthew Silver's looping event in Washington Square Park...I missed most of it as I was getting my hair done but it looked awesome...and yes that is a balloon bedbug on my friends head in case you were wondering!