Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of derp da derp derp derp!

Lots of stuff going on and I leave in less than two weeks now for the summer! The village I go to in France is about 100 degrees every single day right now and I am so looking forward to that and the waterfalls and beach! My favorite weather!
So this will be one of my last posts from the rotten apple...thing are good here but I am longing to travel...see new gigs...If only i could stop running to the bathroom like a woman! See how mean and sexist my spam is to me?! Sob...
Those creepy good humor men are all over the city now...All I can think of is that horror film Ice Cream Man with Ron Howard's lesser known weird brother...The I saw half of a hot stud cowboy on east 9th st...nice boots!
I hit a pretty intense pro-choice rally in Union Square...complete with fake bloody pants and wire hangers..saw some Warhol soup can graffiti all over...and the bottom two pics are at Matthew Silver's looping event in Washington Square Park...I missed most of it as I was getting my hair done but it looked awesome...and yes that is a balloon bedbug on my friends head in case you were wondering!

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