Thursday, July 9, 2015

I, for one, welcome our reptilian overlords.

 Pics are not in order I guess...AHHH! I leave for the summer in one week now and I gots no time for this! Been getting a lot done but I still panic about buying everything I need when i am in france..including enough books to read as they won't have any ones in english at all. I love buying books though and i tend to go overboard. Then again I read a lot so who knows.
AnyFap, there are three pics in there of the guy who is collecting people's stories in Washington Square can read them as he hangs them up there...kinda funny.
Then we have Baby in a Bag! I love the 99cent store so much. And Grace's borscht is back! IT IS BACK PEOPLE!
That awesome movie poster is my friend Martine's first feature length film which starts shooting in the fall. I am so proud of her. She made a short funny film called El Evictor at Csquat many years ago that is a classic now within the building and she has come a long way since then...When i look at that poster I get all teared up. Martine is one of my best friends and though we only see each other on Skype now when this film makes the festival rounds I hope she comes to NYC.
So nice to have friends that are doing great things out in the world..very inspiring to me!
They are showing Dog Day Afternoon in Tompkins tonight if the rain holds off...either way it's cool. If it rains I will work on the songs I need to and start getting ready to pack.

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