Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sauve! South of France! Summer! Whee!

Well here I am blogging in the south of France! been here one full week now and yes it is as beautiful and fun as it looks! Sophie had a baby boy while we were here...We have gone to La Plage twice, waterfalls once, had many great meals and have practiced for some gigs coming up and more!
So here are various shots from the Crumb's terrace, the Vis river, the Mer de Rochers, the Crumbs garden paradise...there are like hundreds of cats here now roaming around the place...I have lost about albs and I am tan as fuck. Can I ask for anything more?
Tonight we hang with Ken Weaver of Fugs fame(I named this blog after a song he wrote), then during  the week there are all kinds of friends coming to Sauve to see Sophie and to hang...some podcasts will be coming soon too! Gig at the Crumb Galerie on Aout Huit!
Don't have time to write NOT miss NYC at all yet and so happy right now!

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  1. Sure hope you folks have a police tower in town......LOTS of foreigners in your current location......I hear the baguette battles are heating up, and EVERYbody is a wino! BE CAREFUL!!! :+)

    BEEyootuhfulll set of pics for a Sunday mornin'......merci beaucoup!