Friday, July 17, 2015

WitchFest! and more! Plus, I leave for France tomorrow!

My last post from NYC! We leave tomorrow for the south of France yay yay yay!
And i wanted a sandwich last night but did not have the heart to wake the guy up as he was so comfy on the slicer...
I went to the Astor Place Pagan Street Faire..WitchFest USA! It was hilarious...bands played, girls belly danced, spells were cast, fortunes read...lots of sage and blessed be!
Then one of my many Dave pics...can't resist those shirts...and look how nice my new hair is in the bottom pic! I never get to see the back of my head!
We hit south of France and I get to be there when Sophie Crumb has her baby...we record a new album with Robert...I will do some podcasts with them...practice my french...then off to Liverpool to see friends and play a gig and buy EVERY BEATLES THING EVER MADE.
Then ferry to Dublin for the Luke fest we had such a greta time at last year! I cannot wait to leave! Been such a fun spring and summer but I am excited about traveling again...I come back feeling inspired and a little changed every time I spend this much time outside of the US of A.

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