Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pics from Liverpool, England! Mate!

Just got back to NYC and I am so happy it's still freaking hot here! Was really hoping to get another month of summer in NYC in...Really busy as hell and so much is going on. During this trip we recorded a full album with Crumb almost, did some podcasts, have possible(probable) gigs with Crumb in London and Switzerland for the release of his Art & Beauty magazine issue 3 the on that I am actually in three times! So that will be awesome. I loved Liverpool and never had much urge to see another big expensive city like London but if I am paid to fly over the there to perform hell yeah I am will go! I got to see Liverpool and Dublin(again) and am in the process of looking for an apt to buy in Sauve near the Crumbs that will be rented out when we are not there. So this trip was really something special..Best one yet! 
Here are some pics from Liverpool...Where everything is Beatles. We did the Magical Mystery Tour which was insane..."Now if you look down that street you will see the house where Ringo took his dump!" and on and on...
That mosaic is made of jelly beans, there's a LambBanana which are all over liverpool, some nice and some mean graffiti in the pub we had a gig at. A pic of the pub which was amazing...Peter Kavanagh's..the Bombed out Church which I loved so much I bought a tote bag with I heart Bombed out Church on it..forgot to put that pic in...you will just have to imagine how great it is. And the giant ferris wheel which we rode as the sun was setting.
More pics later from Dublin and then I am back to posting pics of Tompkins Square Park and puke in the gutter! 
Lots of band info to be announced soon with about 5 releases coming out next year and the end of this one too. I feel like a new person since this trip. Really happy and excited about life right now!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In merry old England! But some final France pics by request!

holy crap I am busy! These are pics from last week in France still..I am in Liverpool and we already played a gig which was great and have gone on the dumb Beatles tour and stuff...got a lot of hits on this blog lately and some emails about wanting to see more France pics so this is the last of them! We went to Marseille on a boat for a few days then came back and left Monday morning for England. These pics are from Marseille...next post will be some Sauve ones of the podcasts and waterfalls..then it's all UK stuff. I have never been to England and I love Liverpool! Will post pics from here soon...going to find a movie theater cause it's rainy here and do a lot of sight seeing tomorrow...weird "unseen" Liverpool stuff not to much the touristy crap though that is fun too. Will I ferry on a swan boat across the Mersey? Only time will tell!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Some pics from the gig at the Crumb gallery and some other shit...

Had a GREAT gig last night at the Crumb gallery! The pics I took of the audience and the few from the gallery page are the only ones I have so far..but hoping more will show up. I was too excited to remember to ask someone to tape us with my good camera...but man was that fun! All the practice sessions paid off as we did about 6 new tunes.
Packing right now and getting ready to go to Marseille with Aline to go on her friends boat and swim for two days. I love love love Marseille! Weird little old gangster city a few hours away...over 3 weeks away from NYC at this point and I still do not miss it. I miss my friends of course but seeing pics of Tompkins and Avenue A and the bars...by the end of the month I will be ready to go back to that but right now I haven't the slightest desire to be back there. Need more adventures first...
That painting of Aline and Robert is amazing...by Laure Boine who lives here in Sauve. Below that is the party we had for Aline's birthday here last week...and lastly my favorite graffiti here. Fuck Fame? Fuck Jame? Fuck Tame? We may never know!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More pics from Sauve...trip is about halfway over. Sniff.

I have never uploaded so many pics a once! It worked! It worked! (computer explodes...)
I don't have time to blog much here though the days are long and sunny. Lots of people here visiting now and our gig flyer is all over every village!
So here are a shitload of pics from hiking trips, to me trying to get wi-fi through the stone walls, to doing podcasts and practicing with Crumb... a cool duck with a red "carunckle"...and more!
Gotta go now and hit the beach but some VERY EXCITING news is coming I think! As in a great, cheap two huge room apartment is for sale here that we look at this week!