Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In merry old England! But some final France pics by request!

holy crap I am busy! These are pics from last week in France still..I am in Liverpool and we already played a gig which was great and have gone on the dumb Beatles tour and a lot of hits on this blog lately and some emails about wanting to see more France pics so this is the last of them! We went to Marseille on a boat for a few days then came back and left Monday morning for England. These pics are from post will be some Sauve ones of the podcasts and waterfalls..then it's all UK stuff. I have never been to England and I love Liverpool! Will post pics from here soon...going to find a movie theater cause it's rainy here and do a lot of sight seeing tomorrow...weird "unseen" Liverpool stuff not to much the touristy crap though that is fun too. Will I ferry on a swan boat across the Mersey? Only time will tell!

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