Sunday, August 9, 2015

Some pics from the gig at the Crumb gallery and some other shit...

Had a GREAT gig last night at the Crumb gallery! The pics I took of the audience and the few from the gallery page are the only ones I have so far..but hoping more will show up. I was too excited to remember to ask someone to tape us with my good camera...but man was that fun! All the practice sessions paid off as we did about 6 new tunes.
Packing right now and getting ready to go to Marseille with Aline to go on her friends boat and swim for two days. I love love love Marseille! Weird little old gangster city a few hours away...over 3 weeks away from NYC at this point and I still do not miss it. I miss my friends of course but seeing pics of Tompkins and Avenue A and the the end of the month I will be ready to go back to that but right now I haven't the slightest desire to be back there. Need more adventures first...
That painting of Aline and Robert is Laure Boine who lives here in Sauve. Below that is the party we had for Aline's birthday here last week...and lastly my favorite graffiti here. Fuck Fame? Fuck Jame? Fuck Tame? We may never know!

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  1. EXCELLENT mike shot.......looking forward to the mike shots from your upcoming RCrumb & East River String Band stadium world tour :+)