Sunday, September 27, 2015


Ahhhh! I was supposed to blog more this month not less! But I am busy with life so I have a good excuse. I've barely been home and when I am home I practice for the recording of our new album Coney Island Baby and I get a guitar lesson from John. How lucky for me that my hubby is the best guitar player I know and I get to pick his brain and play with him. He just tells me how great I am doing and I improve little by little.
I went to Adam Purple's memorial yesterday for many hours and my next post with be about that...oh what a time it was! But for now..some old pics like the penis cake maker we found outside of Josie's!
The mental ward signs that are all over Avenue A...the bale of mystery hay that is always by Niagara and no one can explain it to me. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE HAY??
Then some ASTOUNDING new artwork John commissioned Crumb to do for him! How fucking incredible is that drawing of Skip James? That face tells his life story and it gives me chills.
Then another sassy sign up at Moishe's Bakery. A man in Tompkins Square Park who just fucking loved that tree. He stood like that for about two hours...and a cool drawing of John and I that is hanging up at Jalopy Theatre that our friend Kenny Young did.
And a nice view of one of the many amazing sunsets that have been happening since it turned into fall. Awww!
Speaking of...gonna run over now to check out the SUPERBLOODYMOON ECLIPSE through the telescope that is set up down the block from my place.
Love NYC and love my hood! How lucky I am to live here and to have the life I do!
Some band news coming up soon too! two new releases are set to come out this year!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Yawk New Yawk!

Finally some pics from here! Over my jet lag and been running around enjoying the summer that is still going on. I have so much stuff to do right now. 8 songs to work on for our new album, more french classes to take, lots of background extra work going on right now too, have to resume writing my book, guitar lessons, but I cant resist going out and being in this great weather. Lots of shows happening too and events. Heading to Tompkins for one last show of the summer in an hour but for now: 
The first pic is Shakespeare in the park going on and from the jew this and jew that i assume it was the Merchant of Venice. That shirt is from a pop up shop that is on Avenue B which was pretty cool actually and not that pricey. Then Moishe's Bakery is putting up some sassy signs lately. They have a new one up I need to get a pic of. The full moon that happened last week was incredible. Everyone was walking around with their heads up watching it or had telescopes out and pro cameras.
Then there was some native american play going on in the park too that was very strange.
Dave got his annual cake in the face at Odessa's at his bday dinner which was fun and so was the karaoke afterwards at Sing Sing.
I also had the pleasure of welcome the Federation of Black Cowboys to the city! I wish I got a better pic because that guy and his car were completely decorated and it was something to see. 
On September 21st we play Jalopy theater for Don Kent's memorial who died of the summer...he was our good friend and everyones favorite guest on our podcast and he will be missed. 
I will have a lot more posts on here soon with city events and of course band stuff but I am getting back to blogging now and in writing mode instead of hastily posting weird pics and explaining what they are. Soon I will leisurely posts pics and explain what they are! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dublin! Better late then never!

Here are some pics from Dublin and also a few of our gig with Crumb in France and one from his record room...when I got back to NYC i was really jet lagged and was passing out at 8pm every night and all that stuff...back on track now and trying to catch up on here. Starting to go out now that I can stay up past midnight without feeling like a zombie. I hate zombies and the zombie craze going on. I got my free Pro Pass to Comicon this week and it has some Walking Dead shit on it. Do i have to wear it? Hate that dumb show. It truly is for idiots. Why won't it go away? is it because the majority of people that watch television all the time are idiots? Possibly!
In any case I am back and things are great...but for our friend Don Kent passing away over the summer. John is selling Don't legendary 78rpm collection on eBay and this will take several years. He has such amazing stuff...hard to take it all in that this happened. There is a memorial show for Don at jalopy theatre on the 21st of this month and his wife will be in from North Carolina. This was a very strange summer for just never know what will happen. Luckily, it's been far more good than bad for me. Trips all over Europe, gigs, new album coming out...and so much more going on. Happy to be back but already can't wait until the next spring/summer!