Friday, September 4, 2015

Dublin! Better late then never!

Here are some pics from Dublin and also a few of our gig with Crumb in France and one from his record room...when I got back to NYC i was really jet lagged and was passing out at 8pm every night and all that stuff...back on track now and trying to catch up on here. Starting to go out now that I can stay up past midnight without feeling like a zombie. I hate zombies and the zombie craze going on. I got my free Pro Pass to Comicon this week and it has some Walking Dead shit on it. Do i have to wear it? Hate that dumb show. It truly is for idiots. Why won't it go away? is it because the majority of people that watch television all the time are idiots? Possibly!
In any case I am back and things are great...but for our friend Don Kent passing away over the summer. John is selling Don't legendary 78rpm collection on eBay and this will take several years. He has such amazing stuff...hard to take it all in that this happened. There is a memorial show for Don at jalopy theatre on the 21st of this month and his wife will be in from North Carolina. This was a very strange summer for just never know what will happen. Luckily, it's been far more good than bad for me. Trips all over Europe, gigs, new album coming out...and so much more going on. Happy to be back but already can't wait until the next spring/summer!

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