Sunday, September 27, 2015


Ahhhh! I was supposed to blog more this month not less! But I am busy with life so I have a good excuse. I've barely been home and when I am home I practice for the recording of our new album Coney Island Baby and I get a guitar lesson from John. How lucky for me that my hubby is the best guitar player I know and I get to pick his brain and play with him. He just tells me how great I am doing and I improve little by little.
I went to Adam Purple's memorial yesterday for many hours and my next post with be about that...oh what a time it was! But for now..some old pics like the penis cake maker we found outside of Josie's!
The mental ward signs that are all over Avenue A...the bale of mystery hay that is always by Niagara and no one can explain it to me. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE HAY??
Then some ASTOUNDING new artwork John commissioned Crumb to do for him! How fucking incredible is that drawing of Skip James? That face tells his life story and it gives me chills.
Then another sassy sign up at Moishe's Bakery. A man in Tompkins Square Park who just fucking loved that tree. He stood like that for about two hours...and a cool drawing of John and I that is hanging up at Jalopy Theatre that our friend Kenny Young did.
And a nice view of one of the many amazing sunsets that have been happening since it turned into fall. Awww!
Speaking of...gonna run over now to check out the SUPERBLOODYMOON ECLIPSE through the telescope that is set up down the block from my place.
Love NYC and love my hood! How lucky I am to live here and to have the life I do!
Some band news coming up soon too! two new releases are set to come out this year!

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