Sunday, October 4, 2015

Adam Purple's memorial last weekend.

Quick blog post as this is going to be a crazy week for me...but wanted to get pics up of Adam Purple's memorial in La Plaza last weekend. It was packed with people, some of which I haven't seen since I turned 18 or younger. I don't know why there is a pic of me at my spin class mixed in there but oh well! I am getting buff this winter!
First there is Dave and his dog Cookie posing in Tompkins for a photographer...and me in the crazy reclining chairs that are going to be "reserved seating" at movie theaters in NYC soon. Now that should work out well! Heh! WTF!
Then there were bags of fresh garlic at Adam's memorial...t-shirts you could tie-dye purple right there and then, a message board, and many people wearing purple in Adam's honor. He was a true LES legend and one of the first people I met when I started hanging out in the "city" from Queens.

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