Monday, November 23, 2015

Brian Wilson in NJ

Had a great night this past Saturday with my sis in freaking NJ no less! Brian Wilson and all his mental issues and whatnot have always been fascinating to me. I have loved the Beach Boys since I was about 8 years old and listened to the oldies station 24/7 right before I became a full on hippie at the age of 14. My sister Robyn is a big fan of Wilson too and we both loved the movie Love and Mercy which was actually pretty accurate which made me happy.
Robyn won an Instagram contest and we got VIP passes for a meet and greet with Wilson, Blondie Chaplin and Al Jardine. Brian even sort of smiled for the pic as you can see! Somehow through a fuck up with the contest and seating we ended up watching the show from backstage and hanging out with the band and crew some of which Robyn already knew from going to previous shows and all of whom were really fucking nice. At one point Wilson was in a chair next to me asking for a third of a candy bar because he needs to lose 30lbs apparently. I was content to just sit there quietly next to a musician I have admired for decades now. He had to be helped on stage and off stage but they sounded great. Nice people, went out of their way to make sure we were having fun and Wilson's personal assistant pulled us on stage to dance during Surfing' USA. When Robyn and I go to shows we seem to always end up having some crazy shit happen and it's always a blast. She took some great pics but here are a few I have. Did I mention I gave everyone in his band my bands CDs too? Brian could be laying in a  bed right now wincing at our rendition of Last Kind Words as I type this!
I have a shot of the band huddling up for a pep talk before the show and then a nice one of Brian waiting backstage about to go back out for an encore. That great night and waking up to about $200 in CD sales today has put me in a great mood! Going out to see some comedy at No Fun in an hour. Gotta love a bar called No Fun!


  1. What a great treat.
    The Beach Boys were my very first concert experience as a teenager - timeless music!