Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween plus Avenue D Squat lives!

How do ya do pals and gals? I am doing quite well myself thanks for asking! Between the spring weather and some good news going on November is going pretty well so far! I had a great weekend and did all kinds of fun shit but why post pics of costumes or the parade when there are so many amazing ones already all over the place? So this is just a MONTAGE of pics from different stuff I found funny or cool. Or CrazySexyCool.
The top two pics are stills from a horrible movie called 10,000 Saints that had squats in it and the Tompkins riots. They wanted to film at Csquat but when turned down they just copied the outside of Csquat and called it D Squat. HAHAHA! Oh, was that film an utter piece of crap. Thank fuck I watch most movies for free between friends passwords and free passes I get from SAG.
Then I thought it was amusing that kids were trick or treating at the porn place on 1st Ave. But I guess they were giving out candy cause no one came out looking pissed off, shocked, or scarred for life. I went to La Plaza for their kids party during the day and man, some of the kids out were really going mental on the stores that had no treats for them. It was really fucking funny! Whenever they yelled at a store for not having candy I would run up and scream, "YEAH YOU HEARD THEM!" really loud and the kids would cheer for me. This is why I am so well loved by youngsters!
Everyday is like Halloween for me and I just got over the flu so I did not dress up really. Just wore my favorite pair of black wings with a fairy dress I wear all the time anyway. SLUTTY FAIRY DRESS I MEAN. I walked all over and hung out with tons of people at the Theatre for the New City party, all over Avenue A, a few bars and just all over the place wherever shenanigans were happening. 
The last set of pics are from the Halloween show in Tompkins on Sunday which was really good. Perfect weather, good music and tons of friends and people I haven't seen in years. A very nice end to the month of October and now I am looking forward to what the next two months will bring. No winter depression at all yet even on the days it was 40 and cold. I am hoping to keep busy enough with all the stuff I plan to work on to not let the weather effect me too much. After all, I can still dress slutty everyday, throw a coat on and run around as most things I do are within a ten block radius from my apartment. What a spoiled gal I am!

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