Wednesday, November 18, 2015

John's New 3 CD comp is up on Ebay now!

Was up late last night watching the Paris Raid which started at 4am there...I know many people who are near the main areas there where the attacks happened and they are all safe. When I go to Paris we stay near the Pere Lachaise Cemetery which is right by that cambodian restaurant. I am still watching the Raid going on and it's all gunfire and explosions live on TV now. Someone across from the club where the hostages were held set up their phone to livestream the situation and it was horrible. Just hearing screams and gunshots for hours.
I went to two "NYC IS PARIS" vigils and I have pics from them but this post is just for promoting East River Records new comp. Paris is still an ongoing situation and I will be keeping up with it and checking on friends there all day today. John and I are going to London now in January and again April and I hope to see France then along with the usual summer trip there. France is my second home and I can't take my eyes away from this tragedy.
On a happy lighter note, my post for R Crumb on here was big..bigger than I hoped when he asked me to share it for him and I am damn proud of the almost 100,000 hits on it and counting. So many big blogs and site shared it for me and I am satisfied it got seen by many. I have never gotten that many hits on this blog before. Not even when Gothamist linked my post about being locked in the bathroom at Tompkins Square Park! I had thought the hits I got on this site were huge when my stalker looked at his post about 400 times until the cops told him to stop but nothing compares to that Crumb post!
AnyOui, not sure if this link will post correctly but John's new comp is out now. It will be up on Amazon and in stores everywhere next month but right now we have it up on Ebay. It's a great comp...78s from John's collection along with Robert Crumb's and the late Don Kents. Some rare gems too that have never been released before and lettering by Crumb of course.
Buy buy buy because the holidays are coming and both Jews and Gentiles need this CD!
Here is the cover art and the link to buy it:


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