Monday, November 30, 2015

Looping on Avenue A on Saturday Afternoon!

I say "afternoon" but since I woke up at 1pm, the 2pm Looping meetup really felt like morning to me. This is the group that Matthew Silver started who dress up in costumes and bodysuits or don't wear clothes at all and have childlike fun in a public place singing and dancing and rolling around on the ground. I went over and took some pics and said howdy to the people I knew there. Did not see Silvers in a attendance but the spirit of hearts and farts was certainly there!
My favorite pic is the woman watching while she clutched her rosary beads. She was actually really into it was was there for an hour. I love the expressions on peoples faces as they walked by and how all the crazies from Tompkins came over to see what was going on and said, "Wow these people are crazy!"
Was a fun holiday weekend that started off with the huge Black Lives Matter march a few days before this. I love how the city and hood empties out. Lots more stuff to post and lots of band promo going on but for now...enjoy the LOOPING OF THE WACKADOODLES:

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