Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hot Time Summer in the City

Just posting up some crap since it's been a few days...went to see my mother-in-law in CT for xmas and it was 70 degrees out. I love it but I think for the first time ever I can say that I am ready for it to get cold cause this is kinda scary. El Nino or whatever this planet is DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED DID I MENTION WE ARE DOOMED?
But I have been enjoying going out without a freaking jacket on at the end of December.
Heading out to a holiday party in BK at Jalopy in a few hours but for now we have Gus and Roy guarding the ping pong table in Tompkins. I love those pups. Then, for contrast, there is my Mexican cat Delgado who is now muy gordo but I love him all the same.
I saw the documentary Resurrect Dead finally. I have been into the Toynbee Tiles since I saw one when i was a kid here in NYC. The person responsible for them seems the type who would also post about not trespassing in our minds too. That's the third sign I have seen defaced with that.
I am excited about so much stuff lately..2015 was good and I think next year will be better. Already have some stuff lined up to make it interesting including a lot of travel starting with London on January 9th. Was supposed to have that trip be Toronto but it somehow turned into London. Thank Satan our CD sales are going so well cause the dollar sure isn't worth much in the UK right now! Why won't they switch  to the Euro already?? I should make a Toynbee Tile about that.
Toodles for now!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Release! John's Old Time Radio Show with Robert Crumb 2 CD set it up on eBay! YAY!

Yay! This is what I've been waiting for! We made a double CD(when we make the vinyl it will be 3LPS) of our podcast with Crumb! One side was recorded in NYC and John's plays 78s from his collection, the other side was recorded in France and Crumb plays some of his records and we talk shit in between the songs. It's like Chimpin' The Blues but it's Crumb, John and I shooting the shit in between tunes. And Chimpin' is a great Cd so how can I not be excited about being part of this one?
And looking so slutty on the cover and inside the CD pack!
It's not 2016 yet but I feel like my good year is already much good news lately and fan mail and my guitar stuff is going well...just going to CT for xmas to see my mother-in-law and then getting drunk on NYE in the city with various folks!
AnyWhoop, here is a link to my eBay where all kinds of band related stuff is for sale and some pics of the CD pack on the inside...can't wait for the vinyl to be made in February too! I don't think i can hot link the bay but cut and paste ain't so bad. ME GOOD AT COMPUTERS!
All art on the CD is by R. Crumb of course!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

2 Girls, One Offensive Starbucks® Cup!

I am a Jewess but it's just more fun to celebrate Xmas! I keep buying John really dumb stuff on Ebay and hiding it in his closet...I guess I can do that as a Jew but Xmas is just....merrier? More merry? Whatever. I know people get depressed during the holidays and all that but I never do. 2016 is already looking to be fun/crazy/interesting/crazysexycool with a ton of traveling in it and gigs so I am happy. London and France are already confirmed. I see London...I see France...etc etc. HAR HAR.
I went to the annual tree lighting in Tompkins last week..the kiddies were so cute dancing around to the choir. Stacie Joy took a nice pic of Angel and I there. Also went to a benefit for Rev Jen's sick chihuahua and Janeane Garofalo showed up to perform. Our last release on our label East River Records is still not up an Amazon for some reason but that means people are buying from our Ebay which is cool and the NEXT release which I am really EXCITED ABOUT DAMMIT is coming in next week. All I do lately is go to the post office and play guitar and run around in the warm weather. How is it December already? And why is it 70 damn degrees every day? Why does Donald Trump exist?
AnyCup, here are various pics, from various events, of various things. Such as Guy with Cat at Tree Lighting, Eli Smith at my house playing banjo while on my elliptical, and SANTACON FOR DOGS? WHAT.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I bring you: The annual nightmare that is SANTACON.

Welp, I had a really good week and that gave me the positive attitude it took to follow SantaCon around for several hours so I could take some pics and videos. Didn't capture any fights or puking but oh it was out there. Lots of cops out too ticketing them and trying to keep them in line. Super bad this year I think..maybe the worst yet. Since I was in a good mood and it was like summer out I dealt with being groped, being told I am a "hottie" and being high fived over and over though I kept saying get away from me, and even lifted off the ground by drunk asshole santas. This is the one event where I don't ask people permission to take their photo. They are in a public space making everyone miserable ya go! I did ask every cop I saw to arrest them or simply said, "Might I suggest using your baton, officer?"
Having a very good end of 2015 and already have some great stuff lined up for next year staring with a quick trip to London in about 3 weeks. Yip yip!
The balloons in that cab say "Party City." That santa selfie is in the bathroom at Tompkins Square Park..and the guy glaring at me is getting a ticket for drinking FourLoko in public and screaming.
Don't know why some had squirrel costumes on but I saw groups of those too.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

RanDumb sheeit.

Getting some hits on my private blog lately which is cool...I will open it up to more people as I post more stuff on it. Not really wanting to make parts of my book public yet  and some of the posts are personal in nature about things going on in my life so I shall see! Here are some random pics I have on my desktop though for weeks now so I figured I would post them up before going outside to enjoy the freaking five days of 60 degree weather that is going on now. Four weeks until London, which though it is a super short and weird trip I am sort of looking forward to! I guess it's still travel and traveling always makes me excited and happy plus we got an email today about the gig in London in April and it seems to be happening and it's on the 14th! Release of Art&Beauty magazine issues #3 and we will be playing with him at the event. Yay! I am in a good mood lately and I'm sure the fact that it's not miserably freezing out is  a part of that! The longer winter is postponed the better because eventually it will be painful to go outside. Sort of looking forward to seeing some snow though at this point.
Here we have Shayne or "Pezent" at ex boyfriend and now good friend under the Play Nice graffiti. Two pups on the ping pong table at Tomkins. A weirdly defaced ATM machine...crop circles in the dog run! Dave and Cookie, The Tampon Phone which had a beer, a box of tampons with one open and laying on the ground, my favorite weird cereal and some of the art on the wall of the Palms Restaurant where John and I went to for Thanksgiving. Oh-and we have a weiner! Enjoy summer folks! SantaCon is this weekend so watch the puke! Hoping they are all too drunk to make it to the east village by 4pm.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Private blog and Jalopy show plus I got drunk.

Hello youse guys! I posted below about my private blog at but I got some emails about it so that's the link and just request me to add you as a reader to it if you want to view it. More personal stuff on there, book excerpts from the novel I am working on and stuff like that..some of the posts on here are long and the comments are auto-saging and my tracker keeps bugging me to upgrade and pay to use it since my Crumb post made this blog go Kablooey in hits. Now way I am paying so I am splitting up my posts sort of but this is still my main site. The other blog is for close friends only and you need an invite from me to read it. I am fancy like that!
AnyWhoops, we had a fun gig at jalopy on Thursday and though I charged my camera and had the best intentions I got too drunk to take video and pics and I just wanted to enjoy the show as it was packed and crazy. I played guitar for half the set not uke so that was new and I was kinda nervous but it was good so I got wasted to celebrate. This month is busy for me and John and I go to London for the shortest trip ever in January but I will try to update on here. Was hoping to go to Toronto in Jan as it would be cheaper and closer but  what can ya do...the trip to London in April where we play with Crumb for the Art & Beauty release will be a blast...this trip is short and it's not band related but it's necessary.
I do have a few pics from jalopy and other pics to post so I will do that now. One of the art hanging on the wall there, one of John's poster for his solo album coming out next year...and some weird fan art I got last week. Heh.So far this month has been good and I am hoping 2016 brings some more exciting stuff. So many new releases coming out and gigs and winter depression yet but then again it is 60 degrees out every day. Thanks Obama!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Roots and Ruckus 10 year anniversary is at Jalopy Theatre now!

Just a quick post about the huge four day festival going on at Jalopy Theatre this week and weekend. It started last night and goes through Saturday and it's free! Well, they pass the hat...We play tonight at 9:30pm with some other great bands and this event has gotten a ton of press. Gothamist has a write up on it HERE with a link to a video of us playing at Jalopy with R Crumb and others.
I will take lots of pics and videos tonight and the other days that I go too. Happy that Feral Foster the host is getting his praises sung for this long running show. Also, my private invite only blog is super active lately and that is where I will post more private stuff that is going on in my life so send out a request if you want to add it to your reading list. I like this blog being all about the hood and band stuff and my travels and such. And dirty jokes about PENIS AND VAGINA of course. The Crumb rebuttal post made this blog go sort of viral for about a week and it's been nutso. I got over 200,000 hits I think and still going strong. My tracker is full and comment moderation stopped working and this site is JUST SO DARN POPULAR DAMMIT that I have been posting both here at on my private one too I started last year when I began writing my book. So some of the juicy crazy stuff is on the other blog along with excerpts from the novel I am working on. Thanks friend-o's!