Thursday, December 17, 2015

2 Girls, One Offensive Starbucks® Cup!

I am a Jewess but it's just more fun to celebrate Xmas! I keep buying John really dumb stuff on Ebay and hiding it in his closet...I guess I can do that as a Jew but Xmas is just....merrier? More merry? Whatever. I know people get depressed during the holidays and all that but I never do. 2016 is already looking to be fun/crazy/interesting/crazysexycool with a ton of traveling in it and gigs so I am happy. London and France are already confirmed. I see London...I see France...etc etc. HAR HAR.
I went to the annual tree lighting in Tompkins last week..the kiddies were so cute dancing around to the choir. Stacie Joy took a nice pic of Angel and I there. Also went to a benefit for Rev Jen's sick chihuahua and Janeane Garofalo showed up to perform. Our last release on our label East River Records is still not up an Amazon for some reason but that means people are buying from our Ebay which is cool and the NEXT release which I am really EXCITED ABOUT DAMMIT is coming in next week. All I do lately is go to the post office and play guitar and run around in the warm weather. How is it December already? And why is it 70 damn degrees every day? Why does Donald Trump exist?
AnyCup, here are various pics, from various events, of various things. Such as Guy with Cat at Tree Lighting, Eli Smith at my house playing banjo while on my elliptical, and SANTACON FOR DOGS? WHAT.


  1. WOW! That pic of you and Angel is STUNning....could be titled "Tompkin's Spirit....for ALL time".

    And just letting you know (NOT complaining), John's new release adds up to over $110 Canadian up here because somebody someplace decided that our money is worth 30% less than US.....WILD, eh? (Shipping costs are out of hand too..... under $10 items will often have fixed shipping costs of over $50......YIKES! ;^)

  2. Woah that's crazy! Maybe when it's on Amazon it will be cheaper? It should be up there any day now.