Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hot Time Summer in the City

Just posting up some crap since it's been a few days...went to see my mother-in-law in CT for xmas and it was 70 degrees out. I love it but I think for the first time ever I can say that I am ready for it to get cold cause this is kinda scary. El Nino or whatever this planet is DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED DID I MENTION WE ARE DOOMED?
But I have been enjoying going out without a freaking jacket on at the end of December.
Heading out to a holiday party in BK at Jalopy in a few hours but for now we have Gus and Roy guarding the ping pong table in Tompkins. I love those pups. Then, for contrast, there is my Mexican cat Delgado who is now muy gordo but I love him all the same.
I saw the documentary Resurrect Dead finally. I have been into the Toynbee Tiles since I saw one when i was a kid here in NYC. The person responsible for them seems the type who would also post about not trespassing in our minds too. That's the third sign I have seen defaced with that.
I am excited about so much stuff lately..2015 was good and I think next year will be better. Already have some stuff lined up to make it interesting including a lot of travel starting with London on January 9th. Was supposed to have that trip be Toronto but it somehow turned into London. Thank Satan our CD sales are going so well cause the dollar sure isn't worth much in the UK right now! Why won't they switch  to the Euro already?? I should make a Toynbee Tile about that.
Toodles for now!

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