Saturday, December 12, 2015

I bring you: The annual nightmare that is SANTACON.

Welp, I had a really good week and that gave me the positive attitude it took to follow SantaCon around for several hours so I could take some pics and videos. Didn't capture any fights or puking but oh it was out there. Lots of cops out too ticketing them and trying to keep them in line. Super bad this year I think..maybe the worst yet. Since I was in a good mood and it was like summer out I dealt with being groped, being told I am a "hottie" and being high fived over and over though I kept saying get away from me, and even lifted off the ground by drunk asshole santas. This is the one event where I don't ask people permission to take their photo. They are in a public space making everyone miserable ya go! I did ask every cop I saw to arrest them or simply said, "Might I suggest using your baton, officer?"
Having a very good end of 2015 and already have some great stuff lined up for next year staring with a quick trip to London in about 3 weeks. Yip yip!
The balloons in that cab say "Party City." That santa selfie is in the bathroom at Tompkins Square Park..and the guy glaring at me is getting a ticket for drinking FourLoko in public and screaming.
Don't know why some had squirrel costumes on but I saw groups of those too.


  1. Now Conner! Now Carter!
    Now, Ashley and Beckett!
    On, Becca! On, Brooklyn!
    On, Meghan and Dustin!
    To the top of the 13th Step!
    To the top of Professor Thom's!
    Now puke away! Pee away!
    Shit away all!

  2. I liked when you asked the officer to arrest them all... or to use his baton...

  3. I never ask anyone's permission to take their photo.

  4. Nice pictures — it looks like everyone was having a great time!

  5. HAHAHA! Best comment is above. Why cant it be SANTACON every day?