Monday, December 7, 2015

Private blog and Jalopy show plus I got drunk.

Hello youse guys! I posted below about my private blog at but I got some emails about it so that's the link and just request me to add you as a reader to it if you want to view it. More personal stuff on there, book excerpts from the novel I am working on and stuff like that..some of the posts on here are long and the comments are auto-saging and my tracker keeps bugging me to upgrade and pay to use it since my Crumb post made this blog go Kablooey in hits. Now way I am paying so I am splitting up my posts sort of but this is still my main site. The other blog is for close friends only and you need an invite from me to read it. I am fancy like that!
AnyWhoops, we had a fun gig at jalopy on Thursday and though I charged my camera and had the best intentions I got too drunk to take video and pics and I just wanted to enjoy the show as it was packed and crazy. I played guitar for half the set not uke so that was new and I was kinda nervous but it was good so I got wasted to celebrate. This month is busy for me and John and I go to London for the shortest trip ever in January but I will try to update on here. Was hoping to go to Toronto in Jan as it would be cheaper and closer but  what can ya do...the trip to London in April where we play with Crumb for the Art & Beauty release will be a blast...this trip is short and it's not band related but it's necessary.
I do have a few pics from jalopy and other pics to post so I will do that now. One of the art hanging on the wall there, one of John's poster for his solo album coming out next year...and some weird fan art I got last week. Heh.So far this month has been good and I am hoping 2016 brings some more exciting stuff. So many new releases coming out and gigs and winter depression yet but then again it is 60 degrees out every day. Thanks Obama!

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