Thursday, December 10, 2015

RanDumb sheeit.

Getting some hits on my private blog lately which is cool...I will open it up to more people as I post more stuff on it. Not really wanting to make parts of my book public yet  and some of the posts are personal in nature about things going on in my life so I shall see! Here are some random pics I have on my desktop though for weeks now so I figured I would post them up before going outside to enjoy the freaking five days of 60 degree weather that is going on now. Four weeks until London, which though it is a super short and weird trip I am sort of looking forward to! I guess it's still travel and traveling always makes me excited and happy plus we got an email today about the gig in London in April and it seems to be happening and it's on the 14th! Release of Art&Beauty magazine issues #3 and we will be playing with him at the event. Yay! I am in a good mood lately and I'm sure the fact that it's not miserably freezing out is  a part of that! The longer winter is postponed the better because eventually it will be painful to go outside. Sort of looking forward to seeing some snow though at this point.
Here we have Shayne or "Pezent" at ex boyfriend and now good friend under the Play Nice graffiti. Two pups on the ping pong table at Tomkins. A weirdly defaced ATM machine...crop circles in the dog run! Dave and Cookie, The Tampon Phone which had a beer, a box of tampons with one open and laying on the ground, my favorite weird cereal and some of the art on the wall of the Palms Restaurant where John and I went to for Thanksgiving. Oh-and we have a weiner! Enjoy summer folks! SantaCon is this weekend so watch the puke! Hoping they are all too drunk to make it to the east village by 4pm.

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