Thursday, December 3, 2015

Roots and Ruckus 10 year anniversary is at Jalopy Theatre now!

Just a quick post about the huge four day festival going on at Jalopy Theatre this week and weekend. It started last night and goes through Saturday and it's free! Well, they pass the hat...We play tonight at 9:30pm with some other great bands and this event has gotten a ton of press. Gothamist has a write up on it HERE with a link to a video of us playing at Jalopy with R Crumb and others.
I will take lots of pics and videos tonight and the other days that I go too. Happy that Feral Foster the host is getting his praises sung for this long running show. Also, my private invite only blog is super active lately and that is where I will post more private stuff that is going on in my life so send out a request if you want to add it to your reading list. I like this blog being all about the hood and band stuff and my travels and such. And dirty jokes about PENIS AND VAGINA of course. The Crumb rebuttal post made this blog go sort of viral for about a week and it's been nutso. I got over 200,000 hits I think and still going strong. My tracker is full and comment moderation stopped working and this site is JUST SO DARN POPULAR DAMMIT that I have been posting both here at on my private one too I started last year when I began writing my book. So some of the juicy crazy stuff is on the other blog along with excerpts from the novel I am working on. Thanks friend-o's!

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