Monday, January 4, 2016

Blah Blah Blah and Blather

Howdy ho folks! Been busy lately...leaving for the UK for a VERY brief trip this week but still have to make sure we pack all we need. This trip is in preparation of a second two week trip to London in April so there won't be many touristy pics but I'm sure i will find something to take a photo of as I get hit by a car that is driving on the wrong side of the street!
Was too busy having fun to take many pics on New Years eve which lasted like 3 days this year..but here are a many invites to parties and such but ended up staying local like I usually do on crazy nights like that. Easier to stumble home and pass out. 
John just did a live radio interview with KPOO a staton in SF that plays old time stuff so that was fun. Amazon is finally sorting out John's CD comp so that will be up on amazon soon and our podcast CD is already up for pre-order I think. Vinyl should be out in a few months once the DUCKETS come in so we can make 'em. 
This MATH FORMULA USES SCIENCE to prove that this year is evil personified. Then we have proof that John drank a beer! In the past week we have hit two parties that were not in manhattan and he drank at both. Who has a new years resolution to drink more? My husband John that's who!
Then that welcome mat is welcoming you to the greatest lamppost ever. It's the one Simon and Garfunkel wrote a sing about. At least I assume it is. Then just a few shots from the night...Under St Marks Theatre had a show going on...I ran into my GLOWING friend Angel and we went to Josie's Bar for a bit. And of course there were many half naked ladies who were freezing because..well because they were half naked I guess. 
John has this whole week off up until we go to London which never happens so we are doing some recording and is pretty good-o so far in 2016 YEAR OF THE BEAST.

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