Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Bowie Sing-A-Long at Union Square Park.

Well just got back from London and am leaving for a short weekend to Asheville North Carolina this Friday. Yippie! This is the year of music, writing and travel. And parties. And women of loose morals. Went to a David Bowie fun singalong last night at Union Square with about 200 or so other people so here are some pics and video from that. Saw a few people I know there and more showed up after I left. I like how it look like someone is about to do a big line of glitter on the ground there. Heh.
What a loss for the world this past week in terms of great actors and musicians. But the outpouring of love for Bowie is really heartening. He was so fucking weird yet so popular even with the mainstream. A hard feat to achieve.
Lots going on lately and it's only two weeks into the new year. Oh, dear.

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