Saturday, January 30, 2016

Left NYC came back to NYC leaving NYC again tomorrow.

Hello 'dere! Just posting some stuff up before I leave NYC for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow for almost two weeks. So much traveling this month I can't believe it and all for various reasons. No gig traveling yet until April when we go to London. Actually went to London for two days which was tiring and nuts Was supposed to be Toronto but got changed to the UK and we were there for such a short time that I did not even get jet lagged. April we will have more time to see the city. Went to North Carolina for two days(barely) and there are a few pics from there above. The sunset, the no hoodie zone and the view of NYC coming back.
The top pic is in the Halloween store on 4th ave. Sexy leprechaun maid Trump for halloween?
Then on Astor place some folks have been setting up a Bernie Sanders table. Please let him win please please please! Canada has a sexy new leader we need one too! My friends who live there are so so happy.
The bottom two pics are of the splatter vinyl we are now selling on eBay of our Old Time Radio Show triple album. Each LP has a different color and pattern. It's amazing and I will post links to our eBay and stuff soon but I have to pack now for my flight tomorrow AND play a gig at Jalopy later on tonight! It's good to be busy. I will be happy when I am settled in my hotel in FLA but between all the trips and the weather warming up here I have zero winter depression. I just don't have time to even think about the weather. I even lost about 6lbs in the last two weeks. Actually, that is the main point of this blog post. I LOST 6LBS PEOPLE I LOST SIX FREAKING POUNDS!

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