Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well shit. RIP Lemmy, Alan Rickman and David Bowie and whoever else is next.

With all the cancer deaths abounding, now only in LaLaWood but in my personal life too...I can't help but wonder about what we are putting in our bodies. I assume it's fucking poison so it's good I have stopped eating! Yeesh, the last few months have been sad ones in terms of friends dying and celebs that I loved. Just got back from a VERY short trip to London. Was supposed to be Toronto but London was good as we are going back for a week or so in April for a big special Art & Beauty gig with Crumb. Actually have two more trips planned, one next week and another in februrary so this year is already nuts with travel. London seems like quite a city and I can't wait to go back.
As soon as my jet lag was a little better I headed over to the Bowie memorial at his old apartment in Soho to take some pics. Too out of it to write much else right now but the memorial was nice and I blasted some Bowie from youtube as it was very quiet there which everyone liked.
Going out for sushi with the breastie(that's a female bestie because of bosoms) and I will post more soon. We have a gig at Jalopy coming up and our next CD release the Old Time Radio Show is being shipped out this week which is great!
So here is the memorial on Lafayette...tons of notes, flowers, candles, stuffed animals, glittery high heels and a spider from Mars of course. RIP Starman. You were part of my childhood.

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