Monday, February 29, 2016


Okay, maybe it's not BUT it is a shameless self promotion post! My band has a ton of new stuff out and will have more stuff coming out soon soon soon! So this post is just going to link our eBay account which is where you can get stuff that's not in print anymore and also when you buy from us we pack free stickers and posters that are Robert Crumb art so we are the bestest! SIMPLY THE BEST!
The two newest releases are John's new 3 CD comp called Wait for Me. It has some rare stuff on it, some not as rare but great and also has some 78s from Don Kent(RIP), Donovan Weaver and Robert Crumb along with John's own 78 collection stuff which is amazing. I will post the covers below and also some pics of the vinyl we have out now too..
Because we ALSO just put out John's Old Time Radio Show on both CD AND splatter vinyl! It's a 2 CD affair and a 3 LP one! It's just like our podcast the Old Time Radio Show which you can listen to for free HERE! One side is recored in France with Crumb's 78's and the other in NYC wth John's and in between music we all three talk about weird stuff and shoot the shit. As you can see by the cover I just love talking about 78s for hours on end!
Here is our eBay link to all of our stuff that is for sale. We have good deals going on often and shipping is free in the states.
Check out all of our auctions on eBay HERE!
And more stuff coming out the end of the year! We are on a roll and have some big gigs coming up in April here and in London.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Candy Apple movie screening.

So this month is Indie Film Fest month. Or "winter film fest" really but basically many venues are screening indie films some "indier" than others. Morus museum at Csquat just recently started a monthly film night which is great as I am there all the time anyway. The Frigid Fest is happening at Under St Marks for live performances too which is fun. And of course I love films even more so when I am doing extra BG work and going on auditions for small roles which I will be doing again in March now that all my issues are fixed up and swell.
Cinema Village, one of my favorite places screened the movie Candy Apple which was shot in NYC and has many of my friends in it. I've been dying to see it and it did NOT let me down! Not only did I have a blast at the screening and got to see so many old friends but the film itself was great! I would have been happy if it sucked and I just had a crazy night out with friends but after seeing how well shot it looked in the trailer I had high hopes that it would be a good movie. I don't know Dean Dempsey who wrote, directed and stars in the film but it amazed me that the main character is not only his father in the movie but also in real life. A double amputee covered in facial tats, Terry Trash steals the show and knowing he is Dean's dad is just mind blowing. When Dean found this out he decided to make a movie loosely based on things they have both been through. And they both have been through some CRAZY shit! Well shot, directed and acted, with the bonus of seeing some LES fun spots such as Clockwork Bar in many scenes I could easily watch this again.
Here is a link to the movies website along with the trailer for the film and some pics I took outside the theater before and after the screening. The two shorts shown before Candy Apple were also very very good but I'm too lazy to check the Winter Film fest schedule and find out who made them. Heh. So many talented filmmakers in NYC it's wonderful they get a chance to showcase their work. I think this film has a real shot at getting picked up and Dean told me he is already working on a new series and another feature. Did I mention that one of my best friends Martine Blue makes short films and just finished up her first feature Hunting Pignut which is a tribute to squatters and the NYC underground fringe lifestyle? I am so happy and proud of her! I was in her first short film El Evictor which she made when she lived at Csquat and she has come a long way! She gets grants to make her films now and the star of Pignut is in the movie Deadpool. Taylor Hickson is an up and coming actress which is going to be great for when Pignut comes out. More about that later(much more!) as Martine just finished another short film the Perfect Family and is updating her website soon. If she still lived in NYC I would have quite the film career!

Candy Apple website

Friday, February 19, 2016

Closing party at Gallery 292 with Fly, Puma Perl and Zoe Hansen.

Last night I headed over to Bullet Space for the closing party of the great art exhibit that went up in Gallery 292 in January. The 3 ladies read and it was packed full of people from the hood hanging out and admiring the sculptures, paintings and other stuff that was on display. I love love love nights like this that feel like mini reunions and it sorta feels like the old days again when I first moved into Fetus and then Csquat.
Here are a few short videos and some pics from the event...tonight I go see Candy Apple which will be another little reunion of sorts. So much stuff going on this week and it's not really too cold out. Winter is sorta, kinda, maybe on it's way out soonish!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Old Crumb strip about Trump and other various thingies.

Back from Florida and the reason I was down there worked beautifully and my health issue is completely gone now. My friends know what this means and all I can say about it is I am so so relieved and happy I am like a new person! Last year was a good year but now with this fixed this one is already better.  Plus, our new releases are selling well. Just so nice to log into eBay and yep! More sales! Makes up for all the sushi I have eaten in the past few days for Vday. I got a curvy barbie from John but John buys me gifts all the time so Vday is no biggie. He is sweet like that! I get so much stuff I forget what all I got...the sushi alone was a lotta bucks.
His bday gifts from me were a box full of joke stuff from Archie McPhee and include that Bigfoot Fez. Now he and Crumb can be twinsies!
I posted an old comic by Crumb about Donald Trump from 1989 above...and the other stuff is just stuff on my  laptop I had not posted yet. The giant Pegasus statue in Florida we saw....WTF and WHY? Then Portlandia had an episode where they mention Crumb in a song about moving to another country..thought was was weird and funny...and the Pants Tree on my block was looking particularly pretty this week..
AnyWhoop, I plan to be going out a lot the rest of the month...with my issue fixed and the weather being nice for the most part I can't wait to get back to normal here...John and I went to 3 places within one month one being London and I am happy to be back and all fixed up. Mainly because my cat Delgado had a meltdown every time I left. We got about two months before our next trip and there are tons of shows and stuff happening in NYC and I plan to be at exactly 1/3 of them. EXACTLY. We also play the big Brooklyn Folk fest in April then get on a plane very early the next day for London to play another big event. April is the start of the crazy fun and travel again and I will be ready for it by then. NYC is best when you can leave a lot and I am lucky to get flown to places like the UK and to get paid to play too!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wynwood Miami the art district. Yeppers. Uh-huh.

So John and I had some breaks from my medical stuff which is going REALLY well. So well, in fact that I was almost ready to leave on Monday with John but due to a mix up I am here until Wednesday. I don't mind. That's when I have my flight back for anyway. Just almost finished up early! The fact that my medical issue I have had for over a year now is basically done is the ONLY thing that matters about this trip. I am SO FUCKING HAPPY! Which means we went out over the weekend and did stuff here. Got my hair done which I know you were all concerned about. Well, rest easy! My roots are done and I still have no grey in my hair. And it is nice and straight. And that is what life is all about. A healthy body and mind and a nice hair do. Pudenda should be vajazzled as well if you can afford it. Preferably with priceless jewels or at least some jewish stars and maybe some wiccan symbols or illuminati ones.
Wynwood was pretty neat. Crazy murals and cafes and shops. Some look like stores but then you realize its actually an art installation. And owls made out of tires randomly hanging around the area and a hundred other things. Reminded me of a more fancy Marseille, France mural wise at least.
So here are some pics of that little adventure. Today is john's birthday and we got some food to go after we hit the beach and will watch the Super Bowl and probably HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS. No pics of that part though, sorry. Time for puppy bowl and kitten bowl now! Oh, and the gay thrift shop that was awesome and had HIV and STD testing there. Luckily, my vag is clean as a whistle. Clean as a fried green tomato at the whistlestop cafe. Ate dinner last night with Aline Crumb and her mom which was fun and I can post some pics of that night too because we saw this huge pegasus statue that was insane. The genitals were not vajazzled though. BIG MISTAKE.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some pics of Florida so far! I LOVE/HATE THIS PLACE!

So I am in Fort Lauderdale for a trip to a medical clinic to take care of some eye problems I have had for over a year now. Nothing serious BUT if it could not be fixed then it would be a major issue in my life forever. One I would not be happy with living with at all. So after a long journey to get checked out by experts from all over...went to London for that even...Almost went to Canada too. Finally I found this place on FLA that has helped me. And i am SO SO SO SO SO happy right now! I am usually a pretty optimistic, funny kinda gal but it waned a bit from stress over my eyes. Not much as I went to France and played gigs and did other great stuff having a blast but I really wanted to get this issue fixed. So I am here with John and it is happening! Came here alone, flew for the first time ever by myself and arrived at The Hampton Inn hotel which is all seniors and computer geeks. Super nice people and even gave me a discount for no reason! They thought I was funny I think. I stick out like a sore thumb here and I would walk to the clinic a mile away and everyone thought i was a meth addicted hooker. DON'T I WISH! No one walks here and i don't drive so i am just getting honked out everywhere I go. STILL GOT IT BOYS! STILL GOT A VAGINA!
Now John is here, we have a car, are eating great and went shopping all day for records and other thrift store stuff. Florida is such a mix of meth heads, rich yachts owners, rednecks, it has it all.
Now that the trip is a third of the way done I figured i would post some stuff from Fort Lauderdale. Tomorrow I get my hair done in Miami as my old hairdresser and friend Karuna lives there. That will be fun! Then Aline Crumb happens to be here so we see her the next day at her mom's for sushi and stuff. Sunday is john's bday and we are going to watch the Super Bowl AND HAVE SEX MOST LIKELY. I plan on just peeking into the bar across the street for a second just because of the signs they have out front about PARTY TIL 4AM and HAPPY HOUR IS NOON! with american flags all over. What's the worst that can happen?
Today we saw some hookers and that was fun! We also found a cool antique mall where i got some stuff and took some pics so here they are...the weird mixed sexual messages of Fort Lauderdale and a cool antique store. Abortion hurts women! But that sexist ad doesn't! Come to this strip club! Get wasted from noon to 4am! AMERICA! That's been my first three days here so far..and that lovely tropical beer tree. I think Gandhi sat under it and drank a Coors Light. That last pic is a statue of a blueberry pie complete with can of berries pouring in. Love it! I also kinda love the meth heads and the old lady at the 7-11 whom I speak to all the time and the old folks passed out by the hotel jacuzzi.
But first and foremost my eye issues are correctable and nothing beats that. I like hugged my doctor today. SO SO HAPPY HELL YEAH 2016! Already looking forward to Crumb gig in London and Im still in freaking florida! Did I mention it's 81 degrees right now? Well, it is.