Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Candy Apple movie screening.

So this month is Indie Film Fest month. Or "winter film fest" really but basically many venues are screening indie films some "indier" than others. Morus museum at Csquat just recently started a monthly film night which is great as I am there all the time anyway. The Frigid Fest is happening at Under St Marks for live performances too which is fun. And of course I love films even more so when I am doing extra BG work and going on auditions for small roles which I will be doing again in March now that all my issues are fixed up and swell.
Cinema Village, one of my favorite places screened the movie Candy Apple which was shot in NYC and has many of my friends in it. I've been dying to see it and it did NOT let me down! Not only did I have a blast at the screening and got to see so many old friends but the film itself was great! I would have been happy if it sucked and I just had a crazy night out with friends but after seeing how well shot it looked in the trailer I had high hopes that it would be a good movie. I don't know Dean Dempsey who wrote, directed and stars in the film but it amazed me that the main character is not only his father in the movie but also in real life. A double amputee covered in facial tats, Terry Trash steals the show and knowing he is Dean's dad is just mind blowing. When Dean found this out he decided to make a movie loosely based on things they have both been through. And they both have been through some CRAZY shit! Well shot, directed and acted, with the bonus of seeing some LES fun spots such as Clockwork Bar in many scenes I could easily watch this again.
Here is a link to the movies website along with the trailer for the film and some pics I took outside the theater before and after the screening. The two shorts shown before Candy Apple were also very very good but I'm too lazy to check the Winter Film fest schedule and find out who made them. Heh. So many talented filmmakers in NYC it's wonderful they get a chance to showcase their work. I think this film has a real shot at getting picked up and Dean told me he is already working on a new series and another feature. Did I mention that one of my best friends Martine Blue makes short films and just finished up her first feature Hunting Pignut which is a tribute to squatters and the NYC underground fringe lifestyle? I am so happy and proud of her! I was in her first short film El Evictor which she made when she lived at Csquat and she has come a long way! She gets grants to make her films now and the star of Pignut is in the movie Deadpool. Taylor Hickson is an up and coming actress which is going to be great for when Pignut comes out. More about that later(much more!) as Martine just finished another short film the Perfect Family and is updating her website soon. If she still lived in NYC I would have quite the film career!

Candy Apple website

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