Friday, February 19, 2016

Closing party at Gallery 292 with Fly, Puma Perl and Zoe Hansen.

Last night I headed over to Bullet Space for the closing party of the great art exhibit that went up in Gallery 292 in January. The 3 ladies read and it was packed full of people from the hood hanging out and admiring the sculptures, paintings and other stuff that was on display. I love love love nights like this that feel like mini reunions and it sorta feels like the old days again when I first moved into Fetus and then Csquat.
Here are a few short videos and some pics from the event...tonight I go see Candy Apple which will be another little reunion of sorts. So much stuff going on this week and it's not really too cold out. Winter is sorta, kinda, maybe on it's way out soonish!

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