Monday, February 15, 2016

Old Crumb strip about Trump and other various thingies.

Back from Florida and the reason I was down there worked beautifully and my health issue is completely gone now. My friends know what this means and all I can say about it is I am so so relieved and happy I am like a new person! Last year was a good year but now with this fixed this one is already better.  Plus, our new releases are selling well. Just so nice to log into eBay and yep! More sales! Makes up for all the sushi I have eaten in the past few days for Vday. I got a curvy barbie from John but John buys me gifts all the time so Vday is no biggie. He is sweet like that! I get so much stuff I forget what all I got...the sushi alone was a lotta bucks.
His bday gifts from me were a box full of joke stuff from Archie McPhee and include that Bigfoot Fez. Now he and Crumb can be twinsies!
I posted an old comic by Crumb about Donald Trump from 1989 above...and the other stuff is just stuff on my  laptop I had not posted yet. The giant Pegasus statue in Florida we saw....WTF and WHY? Then Portlandia had an episode where they mention Crumb in a song about moving to another country..thought was was weird and funny...and the Pants Tree on my block was looking particularly pretty this week..
AnyWhoop, I plan to be going out a lot the rest of the month...with my issue fixed and the weather being nice for the most part I can't wait to get back to normal here...John and I went to 3 places within one month one being London and I am happy to be back and all fixed up. Mainly because my cat Delgado had a meltdown every time I left. We got about two months before our next trip and there are tons of shows and stuff happening in NYC and I plan to be at exactly 1/3 of them. EXACTLY. We also play the big Brooklyn Folk fest in April then get on a plane very early the next day for London to play another big event. April is the start of the crazy fun and travel again and I will be ready for it by then. NYC is best when you can leave a lot and I am lucky to get flown to places like the UK and to get paid to play too!


  1. Looks like you're having the time of your life....enjoy the HELL out of it!
    And I'm not sure why, but here's a set of pics from a Women's Weekend bike meet-up in Cleveland :

    I guess what has popped in my mind is that I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you (or John) on a bicycle.
    Why not?
    NOT trying to bug you.....just wonderin'.
    I don't think I would be up for NYC street bikin' these days.....almost seems like target practice sometimes.

  2. We had bikes but I gave mine to a friend as I only rode it in the park..and John's took up about half our apartment here. Riding in traffic sucks so unless you're a fanatic about it it's tough to have a bike here. Mine always got stolen too. Rather walk if I can't ride in central park!