Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some pics of Florida so far! I LOVE/HATE THIS PLACE!

So I am in Fort Lauderdale for a trip to a medical clinic to take care of some eye problems I have had for over a year now. Nothing serious BUT if it could not be fixed then it would be a major issue in my life forever. One I would not be happy with living with at all. So after a long journey to get checked out by experts from all over...went to London for that even...Almost went to Canada too. Finally I found this place on FLA that has helped me. And i am SO SO SO SO SO happy right now! I am usually a pretty optimistic, funny kinda gal but it waned a bit from stress over my eyes. Not much as I went to France and played gigs and did other great stuff having a blast but I really wanted to get this issue fixed. So I am here with John and it is happening! Came here alone, flew for the first time ever by myself and arrived at The Hampton Inn hotel which is all seniors and computer geeks. Super nice people and even gave me a discount for no reason! They thought I was funny I think. I stick out like a sore thumb here and I would walk to the clinic a mile away and everyone thought i was a meth addicted hooker. DON'T I WISH! No one walks here and i don't drive so i am just getting honked out everywhere I go. STILL GOT IT BOYS! STILL GOT A VAGINA!
Now John is here, we have a car, are eating great and went shopping all day for records and other thrift store stuff. Florida is such a mix of meth heads, rich yachts owners, rednecks, it has it all.
Now that the trip is a third of the way done I figured i would post some stuff from Fort Lauderdale. Tomorrow I get my hair done in Miami as my old hairdresser and friend Karuna lives there. That will be fun! Then Aline Crumb happens to be here so we see her the next day at her mom's for sushi and stuff. Sunday is john's bday and we are going to watch the Super Bowl AND HAVE SEX MOST LIKELY. I plan on just peeking into the bar across the street for a second just because of the signs they have out front about PARTY TIL 4AM and HAPPY HOUR IS NOON! with american flags all over. What's the worst that can happen?
Today we saw some hookers and that was fun! We also found a cool antique mall where i got some stuff and took some pics so here they are...the weird mixed sexual messages of Fort Lauderdale and a cool antique store. Abortion hurts women! But that sexist ad doesn't! Come to this strip club! Get wasted from noon to 4am! AMERICA! That's been my first three days here so far..and that lovely tropical beer tree. I think Gandhi sat under it and drank a Coors Light. That last pic is a statue of a blueberry pie complete with can of berries pouring in. Love it! I also kinda love the meth heads and the old lady at the 7-11 whom I speak to all the time and the old folks passed out by the hotel jacuzzi.
But first and foremost my eye issues are correctable and nothing beats that. I like hugged my doctor today. SO SO HAPPY HELL YEAH 2016! Already looking forward to Crumb gig in London and Im still in freaking florida! Did I mention it's 81 degrees right now? Well, it is.

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