Monday, February 29, 2016


Okay, maybe it's not BUT it is a shameless self promotion post! My band has a ton of new stuff out and will have more stuff coming out soon soon soon! So this post is just going to link our eBay account which is where you can get stuff that's not in print anymore and also when you buy from us we pack free stickers and posters that are Robert Crumb art so we are the bestest! SIMPLY THE BEST!
The two newest releases are John's new 3 CD comp called Wait for Me. It has some rare stuff on it, some not as rare but great and also has some 78s from Don Kent(RIP), Donovan Weaver and Robert Crumb along with John's own 78 collection stuff which is amazing. I will post the covers below and also some pics of the vinyl we have out now too..
Because we ALSO just put out John's Old Time Radio Show on both CD AND splatter vinyl! It's a 2 CD affair and a 3 LP one! It's just like our podcast the Old Time Radio Show which you can listen to for free HERE! One side is recored in France with Crumb's 78's and the other in NYC wth John's and in between music we all three talk about weird stuff and shoot the shit. As you can see by the cover I just love talking about 78s for hours on end!
Here is our eBay link to all of our stuff that is for sale. We have good deals going on often and shipping is free in the states.
Check out all of our auctions on eBay HERE!
And more stuff coming out the end of the year! We are on a roll and have some big gigs coming up in April here and in London.


  1. I bought some of your records this week. I'm the guy from Minnesota who emailed you about shipping. I cant wait until I get them. Had no idea Robert played in another band after the Cheap Suits!