Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wynwood Miami the art district. Yeppers. Uh-huh.

So John and I had some breaks from my medical stuff which is going REALLY well. So well, in fact that I was almost ready to leave on Monday with John but due to a mix up I am here until Wednesday. I don't mind. That's when I have my flight back for anyway. Just almost finished up early! The fact that my medical issue I have had for over a year now is basically done is the ONLY thing that matters about this trip. I am SO FUCKING HAPPY! Which means we went out over the weekend and did stuff here. Got my hair done which I know you were all concerned about. Well, rest easy! My roots are done and I still have no grey in my hair. And it is nice and straight. And that is what life is all about. A healthy body and mind and a nice hair do. Pudenda should be vajazzled as well if you can afford it. Preferably with priceless jewels or at least some jewish stars and maybe some wiccan symbols or illuminati ones.
Wynwood was pretty neat. Crazy murals and cafes and shops. Some look like stores but then you realize its actually an art installation. And owls made out of tires randomly hanging around the area and a hundred other things. Reminded me of a more fancy Marseille, France mural wise at least.
So here are some pics of that little adventure. Today is john's birthday and we got some food to go after we hit the beach and will watch the Super Bowl and probably HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS. No pics of that part though, sorry. Time for puppy bowl and kitten bowl now! Oh, and the gay thrift shop that was awesome and had HIV and STD testing there. Luckily, my vag is clean as a whistle. Clean as a fried green tomato at the whistlestop cafe. Ate dinner last night with Aline Crumb and her mom which was fun and I can post some pics of that night too because we saw this huge pegasus statue that was insane. The genitals were not vajazzled though. BIG MISTAKE.

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