Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Grower not a Shower.

It's been a while but I got the death flu and it lasted about a good week and a half this month so that was not so nice however it was cold and all the time inside practicing was good for me. I run wild when its warm and I upped my guitar skills a lot plus got some writing done too which I put down after hitting a writer's block. Also started over studying my French as its hard when I have no Frenchies to practice on here. Things are really good though and I am well just I'm time for the nice weather coming up. I cannot complain about a single thing! John has some time off work lately we wandered around the hood a bit.
That first pic is the new flyer for the 3 day Brooklyn Folk Fest coming up in five weeks. We play Sunday at 7:30 and will be there all 3 nights. All our friends from Jalopy are playing PLUS two members of the Fugs will be there! I won't go into politics on here at all because its making everyone crazy but saw this sticker on a phone booth today...the monster pic is from Union Square theatre..been seeing a ton of movies lately. Loved the Witch.
Then next is a blurb from a book a fan wrote. It's called Fat Man Blues and the author just threw us in there cause he likes us. SPEAKING OF BOOKS SOMEONE LOVES THE PENIS. Then we have what looked like a giant cell phone case of jesus followed by some great advertising from the Taoist Art Center. First there is a penis then there is no penis then there is? ZEN PENIS.


  1. Really looking forward to the BFF this year. Venue is fantastic and I will be there all weekend too. Hope to see you besides when you perform!