Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mommy, What's A Squatter?

Wotta week wotta week....Well so much went on this week..some bad some good...I was going to post some pics of the Mr. LES Pageant which tried to happen a few days ago but when the Slipper Room canceled at the last minute it was held at a karaoke bar in Chinatown and it got shut down within two acts. Due to nudity and a possibly fake/real fight that broke out during Master Lee's set AKA Chink Floyd. It was not the right venue for the insanity so some people stayed and drank while others moved on to Clockwork Bar where they sort of had a show outdoors. Then I went to a vigil in Union Square after the Brussels attack and took some pics but I decided I would just post up a few pages of a hilarious book my sister Robyn made for me years ago.
John and I have been spring cleaning like crazy and I finally found this funny. It was the hit of Csquat when I had my room there!
Then I like this pic of me trying to flip John off when he was laughing at my beauty treatment. Hey-it works! The bottom pics are the moon and also a blurry Jupiter through the telescope of Felton Davis who was set up by the Bean as usual when cool stuff is going on in space.
John and I played on Radio Free Brooklyn on Wednesday night which was fun. They are in bushwick in the basement of a bike shop. It's an internet station which never goes off the air. I think overnight when no one is there they play Democracy Now and stuff like that that was aired earlier that day.
I have more pics to post up but it's Saturday and beautiful out so John and I are going to go wander and catch a movie. I am getting super excited for April when we play the Brooklyn  Folk fest on the 10th then catch an early flight to London the next day to play the Art & Beauty opening at the David Zwirner Gallery. We are staying at the infamous Groucho Club hotel..only 20 rooms all for the rich and famous. That will be an experience in and of itself for me! I already heard the private gig guest list includes Stella McCartney and Terry Gilliam whom I love! This will be something else and I will take ton of pics...if Sir Elton John shows I refuse to play though. THAT IS JUST PUSHING IT.


  1. WATCH OUT! I hear Elton has reverted to an older fashion trend (pardon for Rod's rod ;^):

  2. Bowie trib live now :